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Please come down to the Smithtown Animal Shelter and fall in love with our sweet sibling kittens Sweet Pea and Baby!!   They are 3 month old male and female DSH adorable kittens. They are fixed, vaccinated, microchipped  and Fiv/Felv negative. These 2 furbabies were rescued from the back of a leaf truck when they were around 4 weeks and were hand raised with lots of love by one of our foster moms. These 2 kittens are very special and love people! They need a loving home together and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many kittens for adoption, the little ones are handled and socialized by our volunteer staff they are friendly have their initial shots and de-worming.











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The Story That Was Not To Be - Candlelight Vigil 

The Story That Was Not To Be - Candlelight Vigil Celebrating Four Precious Smithtown Girls

by Maureen Rossi

On Wednesday July 29th when I arrived at Smithtown West to attend the Candlelight Vigil for the four beautiful Smithtown girls we lost in the motor vehicle crash last week I saw various news trucks outside the perimeter.  I pulled up, identified myself as press and asked why they were outside the fence?   The response was simply, no press, families request.   I identified myself to them as press, parked my car and I went in.  In addition to being press I am also a Smithtown resident in mourning for these beautiful girls and for their families.   

I wept uncontrollably while taking copious notes in my burgundy reporter’s notebook.  Pages and pages of quotes are stained by my tears. Quotes that will never be written out of the respect for the families.

Well over six-hundred people walked quietly onto the Smithtown West grounds to gather for the celebration of Amy, Brittney, Lauren and Stephanie.  It was a celebration, we heard from many about these amazing young women and the things they had done and accomplished in their short lives.

Local politicians were present; Supervisor Vecchio, Assemblyman Fitzpatrick, Legislator Trotta, Congressman Zeldin, Councilwoman Nowick, County Comptroller Kennedy and Legislator Leslie Kennedy. However, there were no photo opportunities, no words from them,  like everyone else who gathered, they were there to pay their respects to and to celebrate our Smithtown girls who left this world too early.  Every elected official there last night is a parent. Vecchio, Fitzpatrick and the Kennedys are grandparents.  They were not there as politicians, they were there as mourners, they were there to pay respect for the girls from Smithtown. Their hearts were broken like every other heart present.

In remembering these young ladies in our prayers, we must not forget to include the girls inside that fated limo and the devastation they witnessed.  They too will need our continued prayers. 

The small battery-operated candles lit the field which held family members and friends of the girls and they also lit the bleachers where all the other mourners gathered.   Just as quietly as the hundreds entered the vigil, they left with equal reverence.


Smithtown Recreation Department is ready to P-A-R-T-Y. 


Tonight’s Pool Party/BBQ has been canceled due to the forecast of stormy/windy weather with lightning.

Smithtown’s 350th Anniversary celebration continues with a pool party and barbeque at the Landing Ave pool Thursday, July 30.  Smithtown’s Recreation Department has been preparing for months for this celebration and barring inclement weather the pool gate will open at 5pm.

When the gate opens 400 residents with reservations will participate in the fun. Recreation Department Superintendent Thomas McCaffery came up with the idea for the pool party. “The response was great. We originally planned for 350 participants but the number of people responding to our announcement forced us to increase the number to 400, the maximum number of people allowed at the site. We still have a waiting list with almost one-hundred names on it.” Said Mr. McCaffery.

The plan is for residents, some who weren’t aware there was a Town pool in Smitthown, to see the facility and to have fun.  There are three pools at the site and they will all be open for the celebration.  According to Mr. McCaffery there will be a bbq sponsored by Sea Crystal Pools and ice cream donated by Lessings.  There will be a DJ, games for the kids and more. 

L-R Doreen Perrino, Joan Courtney, Laurie Fitrakis and Tom McCafferyTom McCaffery’s team has worked closely with the 350 Foundation in planning for the party to make this a fun and memorable event. Because there are things you just can’t control a rain date has been scheduled for August 6. 

Celebrations for Smithtown’s 350th Anniversary have been ongoing since March. The pool party closes out July but not the celebratory events which continue through the end of 2015. On September19th  there will be a fireworks display at Sunken Meadow and on September 26th there will be a parade through Smithtown. 




102 W. Main Street, Smithtown, is once again a source of contention for Smithtown’s Town Board members.  The owner of the property, VEA 181st Realty Corp, has razed the buildings on the property and was required, as part of their demolition plan, to remove the concrete from the premises. VEA is requesting a waiver from this requirement and seeking permission to grind-up concrete on the property. After the material is ground it will be converted into a 5-ft berm and stored on the property for later use. This proposal has drawn the ire of Town Supervisor Patrick Vecchio. 

At the July 14 Town Board work session Supervisor Vecchio blasted the waiver request. “Why would the Town accommodate him (Salvatore DiCarlo, Owner of VEA 181st Realty Corp) to allow him to grind up material on the property,” said Supervisor Vecchio. Mr. DiCarlo submitted his original site plan to the Town in 2007. In 2009 without a demolition site plan, buildings on the property were demolished even after the Town issued a stop-work-order. In 2014 the Town Board approved the demolition site plan for Mr. DiCarlo in which he was required and agreed to remove the concrete from the property. 

Since the demolition no site plans have been submitted to the Planning Department although Planning Director David Flynn acknowledged that many renditions have been examined and planners have spent many hours going over the renditions. No fees have been received for examining the renditions. Mr. Vecchio accused DiCarlo of playing the Town. Councilman Creighton disagreed with Vecchio’s assessment. “I believe this applicant has been trying to build for years and we have been, in many cases, an obstacle to his building. In some cases, without much justification.” said Councilman Creighton. 

“I, for one, will vote no on the waiver…It’s about time he puts the pedal to the metal,” said Supervisor Vecchio.  

102 W. Main Street (the former Nassau-Suffolk Lumber) is located across from Town Hall and multiple small businesses. It is in close proximity to residential areas and the New York Avenue School which hosts Smithtown SD’s administration, a day-care facility, and many of the Smithtown Kickers soccer games and practices.  

Home overlooking a pile of building debrisSome residents in the area are not happy and plan to attend meetings to let the Town Board members know how unhappy they are. Jen Bender has lived in her home on New York Ave. for thirteen years. In a conversation with Smithtown Matters she expressed her dissatisfaction with the waiver request. “I am very concerned, I have one son with asthma. The proposal makes me sick. My kids play in the back yard constantly. We lived through the demolition and now they want to grind the concrete. What about the health and well being of my family and the other kids in this area?” Ms. Bender is determined to make sure her voice is heard at a future Town Board meeting. 

Smithtown Matters reached out to former resident of Smithtown, Jason Toto. Mr. Toto is a trained geologist and educator with Sachem Central School District. Mr. Toto had this to say about the proposal, “As a trained geologist & educator of earth science for the last 12 years I would have great concern about the open air particulates that would be released due to the proposed plan of action to grind-up the concrete from the old Nassau Suffolk Lumberyard.  You must first and foremost understand the pulverized material that will be created can easily measure less than 0.0001cm in diameter.  Such sized particulates would create a significant respiratory concern for the local merchants, community members, children in their homes and for those using the adjacent sports fields.  Such particulates have been found when inhaled to cause throat and lung irritation, which could long term raise significant health concerns. Proper remediation of this site should include a closed system in which the rock could be crushed and the microscopic airborne particulates contained and filtered from freely entering the atmosphere. It would be preferable to remove the material in large sections and bring them to an off-site facially for processing.  Aside from a visual inspection of this material, it would behoove the citizens of Smithtown to have a sample of this material sent off to an accredited laboratory to ascertain exactly what the true chemical and physical composition of the material in question is prior to allowing more of this multi-decade old material to enter the environment. It can adversely affect the public’s health as well as yield potential environmental concerns as the material is whisked into the surrounding ecosystems, drainage system and the ventilation systems of surrounding homes and businesses as free radicals which are know to adversely affect health.  Furthermore, the use of water to keep the dust particles from becoming airborne is not without merit; however, it too yields a secondary problem as the copious amounts of water with dissolved and non-soluble rock product could enter the surrounding environment.” 

Planning Director Flynn took the position that the grinding of concrete on the property would reduce truck traffic.  “It is our opinion that if this mound was only five-feet high and vegetated it would be a good design.” Said Flynn. 

Flynn also said that Mr.DiCarlo would be going “above and beyond” normal Town Code ordinaces for grinding operations. The work would take place during the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays. Supervisor Vecchio brought up the issue of noise and questioned whether rock crushing was permitted in the area.

The waiver request was tabled until August.


Two Saint James/Smithtown Little League Teams Set To Compete in Dist. 35 Championship Games

Saint James/Smithtown Little League has two teams playing in District Championship games on Monday, July 13.  

10u Williamsport District 35 Championship: St James Smithtown LL vs. Bayport will be playing Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Bayport Commons Park, Bayport, NY 11705 (map)

Team 12U Williamsport District 35 Championship: St James Smithtown LL vs. SC3V will be playing Monday, July 13 at 5:30pm - 7:30 pm at the Islip Complex


St. James - CVS Application Draws A Standing Room Only Crowd

By p.biancaniello (click on photos to enlarge)


They came, they listened and they don’t want it. That was the message  expressed by the 100 or so St. James taxpayers who attended the Smithtown Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) meeting Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The topic was the CVS application to build a store on the corner of Lake Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue. 

In 2014 CVS Albany LLC, filed an application in the Town of Smithtown to build on the corner of Woodlawn and Lake Avenues in St. James. The proposed site is a lot zoned residential. At that time CVS was asking that the property be rezoned to Commercial Business. The residents attending the 2014 hearing roared  that they didn’t want it.  CVS withdrew its application.  

CVS is back before the BZA asking for variances and a special exception that would allow them to construct their store. A BZA public hearing is the forum where the case for the application is made first by the applicant followed by public comments.   Vincent Trimarco is the attorney for CVS.  Also representing the applicant was traffic expert Patrick Lenihan, Director of Transportation at VHB Engineering. Mr. Lenihan offered assurances that the traffic issues would be addressed by “rearranging timing on traffic signal” at the Woodlawn/Lake Ave. intersection.  Mr. Lenihan does not anticipate much additional traffic stating that the majority of the traffic will not be CVS specific but rather cars already on their way to or from a location.  Courtney Reily, also from VHB Engineering, requested that the BZA grant relief from the parking requirements. Under current code, CVS is required to have 124 parking spaces and one loading Bay. CVS is looking for relief that would permit 57 parking spaces and one loading bay.

The CVS application seeks: 1 - A parking variance of approximately 54%, 2 -  Special permit for parking in R10 Residential Zone, 3 - Relief for parking greater than 50 feet into the residential district, 4- Relief for a buffer, 5 -Relief for the prinicpal building not conforming to parking requirements, 6 - Relief for requirement related to parking greater than 15 feet from Lake Ave.

The Planning Department was asked to comment on the application. Long time Senior Town Planner David Flynn, who was recently appointed Director of Smithtown Planning Department, read comments from the planning department’s report in which he offered the Planning Department’s official recommendation that the application be denied. The audience, a filled to capacity crowd, was pleased and met his comment with wild applause. Mr. Flynn explained the decision by stating that the applicants request for variances were substantial and that collectively they would have an impact on the character of the neighborhood. He stated that the lot is residentially zoned and to grant the relief requested “is tantamount to rezoning and not eligible for a special exception.”  “Any alleged harship in complying with the ordinance is self-created,” said Flynn. “This zoning has been in existence and for CVS to pick a property that is not suitably zoned, they’ve created their own practical difficulty.” 

St. James resident Denise McMahonIf there was a message the residents wanted to hear it was the message Mr. Flynn delivered. Resident Denise McMahon delivered petitions to BZA members with 1,200 signatures in opposition to the application. “I don’t think anyone here objects to a CVS in St. James: what we are objecting to is trying to squeeze a 10lb. saussage into a five lb bag.” Speaker after speaker stepped-up to the podium to state their concerns about traffic, parking and the impact on the community should the application be approved. “Mr. Flynn, dig your heels in.” said one speaker. 

Rev. Miguel Pagon - New Jerusalem ChurchNot every speaker opposed the application. At the end of a long line of speakers opposing the CVS application came Pastor Miguel Pagan from the New Jerusalem Church On Woodlawn Avenue. Rev. Pagan supported the application saying it would provide better access to health care and prescription needs. Rev. Pagan also spoke about the deterioration of the buildings on the proposed site. A long line of parishoners from the New Jerusalem Church stepped up to the podium in support of the CVS application.