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Letter To Editor: Zeldin Must Stand Up And Protect Long Island’s Health Care

Dear Editor, 

Next week, Senate Republicans will debate a cruel plan to take away health care from millions of Americans and tens of thousands of Long Islanders. Under the Graham-Cassidy bill, there would be a massive shift of federal support from “blue” states to “red” - especially from New York to Texas. In fact, New York could lose more than $45 billion dollars in federal funding. This would create enormous market uncertainty and devastate thousands of Long Islanders, particularly working families, the elderly, and the disabled.

Where is Lee Zeldin on the bill? Does he realize how much funding would be stripped from New York? Does he care? Even some New York Republicans, like Rep. Tom Reed and Rep. Peter King, have come out against Graham-Cassidy. I urge Zeldin - who voted to strip health care from millions of Americans earlier this summer - to stop playing politics with the lives of Long Islanders and oppose this bill for the good of his constituents.

Perry Gershon

Democratic candidate for New York’s 1st congressional district


Letter To Editor - Say No To The Oil And Gas Industry

Dear Editor:

Climate change is one of the single biggest threats to our environment, our public health and our economy. Pumping carbon and methane emissions into the atmosphere is accelerating climate change and is responsible for more extreme weather.  New York State has spent billions of dollars over the past decade working to restore communities that have been devastated by severe flooding brought on by climate change.

I join the New York Public interest Research Group (NYPIRG) in calling on all state and local elected officials to say no to the oil and gas industry. Say no to the campaign contributions and personal gifts from corporate oil and gas giants, say no to permitting new fossil fuel infrastructure to be constructed in our state, and say no to climate change!

Our policy makers and representatives need to invest in a clean, green, renewable energy economy that is beneficial to everyone’s health, well-being and livelihood.  I applaud Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for investigating ExxonMobil and other climate change igniters.  Now, let’s see the rest of our representatives and policymakers stand up against climate change too.


Clark Adomaitis

NYPIRG Environmental Project Leader, The City College of New York


Letter To Editor - Dog Whistles And Zeldin's Decency Button


To The Editor:

A dog-whistle sounds at a frequency that only dogs can hear.  When the UK supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq, protesters labeled Prime Minister Tony Blair “Bush’s Poodle.”  Though Trump has no four-legged pet, he nevertheless blows a dog-whistle that only his Republican poodles can hear.  

Our own Republican Congressman, Lee Zeldin, heeds Trump’s dog-whistle to prove that he, too, supports big business, a hawkish foreign policy, taxing the middle class, and increased military spending.  Like Trump, he opposes universal health care, consumer protection, financial sector regulation, gun control, decent wages, racial equality, taxing the wealthy, and women’s rights. In 2016, the League of Conservation Voters awarded Zeldin an 8% rating, the worst environmental record in the entire NY State congressional delegation.  He favors the deportation of nearly 800,000 DACA recipients, even though they were brought here as children through no fault of their own.  Although Trump recently embraced certain DACA protections, his facts and opinions change daily.  Zeldin must be manically rolling over, trying to figure out whether to land on Trump’s right side or his left.

Trump’s discrimination against black people follows a lifelong pattern, starting with his refusal to rent them apartments in his buildings.  During the Presidential campaign Zeldin actually blamed Barack Obama, the first black president in U.S. history, for being the one promoting bigotry rather than Donald Trump, and insinuated that Democrats were the real racists for trying to mobilize minority groups.   He would not call Trump a racist, but did say that “[racism] was ugly and I personally do hold the President of the United States to a higher standard.”

What is this “higher standard” to which Zeldin holds Trump?  Trump’s mocking a disabled reporter? Conducting a vendetta against Muslims?  Characterizing  Mexicans who come here as criminals and rapists?  Claiming that U.S. Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who  presided over the Trump University fraud case, had a conflict of interest because his parents were born in Mexico?  Disparaging and sexually abusing women?  Saying that Carly Fiorina was too ugly to be electable?  Calling John McCain a loser because he had been captured, and had even refused release without his fellow captives?   Belittling the parents of a slain Muslim American soldier?  Receiving four  College deferments and one for a heel spur to avoid serving in Vietnam? Claiming that the danger he faced from getting sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam?”  “I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”   

Zeldin came under fire for supporting Trump in the wake of  recent white supremacist and Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He said Trump was right for blaming the violence on “both sides.”  What both sides?  The Nazis and the anti-Nazis?  As a Jew, he should know that Nazism has no “other side.”  

In a September 5, 2017 Press Release, Zeldin said he disagreed with Donald Trump’s comments targeting those who disagree with him.  “I am very much willing to work with any of my colleagues on either side of the aisle on this issue and others to find common ground however possible. I would also strongly encourage anyone on the opposite side of this debate to keep to themselves the character assassinations, name calling, partisan threats and over the top sound bite spin, because if you truly want to work out an agreement for progress, that is absolutely not at all how to get there.”   

Perhaps Zeldin should be penning advice on Congressional etiquette for Miss Manners.  His latest Press Release shows a photo of him  sporting a Decency button, and quotes from a typically vacuous speech in which he declares his adherence to the new Campaign for Decency, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to bring civility back to our nation.  The Campaign for Decency  will be as effective as Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign, and  Virginity Pledges.    

The Campaign for Decency aims to set an example as Zeldin strives to reach across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion.  Therefore, rather than lower my personal standards of courtesy, I leave remarks about Trump and his Poodles to the brilliant Charles Blow, an American journalist, commentator, and columnist for The New York Times.

“Our ‘president’ is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time. Lying is his resting condition. Therefore, absolutely nothing he or his team says is to be believed, ever.” NYT July 10, 2017, and “[I]t must be said that every day that I wake and recall that a bigoted, sexist, intolerant, transphobic scoundrel is president, my stomach turns and my skin crawls.” NYT September 14, 2017.

Don’t you agree that if anyone deserves a Decency button, it is Charles Blow?  

Ruth A Cohen
Lake Grove

Letter To Editor - St. James Has Finally Awoken


The alarm clock has gone off, and Saint James has finally awoken after what has seemed to be a very long sleep!  Through the efforts of our newly formed civic association and the flexibility and support of our chamber members, town officials and St. James Elementary ( thanks so much Mary Grace), WAKE UP LAKE, brought Saint Jamesians together to share stories, meet new people and reunite with those who have just been too preoccupied with the demands of life. It wasn’t just a few of us, hundreds -perhaps a thousand or more attended to listen to and dance to , Nick and the Kick, “Elvis”, Country Line, Sir Cadium Rhythm and 12x Entertainment during the Saint James Summer Nights series. In addition to musical entertainment, the first Lake Avenue car show debuted. All that chrome certainly made car aficionados smile and those new to car shows say WOW! I cannot end my letter without mentioning the newly established farmers market. It has some wonderful goodies and continues to “grow” every Saturday. I love going there! All of these things should remind us why we moved to Saint James. It is a safe town, thanks to our fourth precinct and village police departments that balance the laws with compassion. It has always been a small caring community where its people have always worked together to lend a hand, a hug, a smile. Lastly, everyone I know wants it to be a town where our families find joy and plenty to do on those wonderful weekend nights. It is this lifelong Saint Jamesian resident’s hope that we all continue to work harmoniously to make Saint James Great Again! Hehehe- too political?  See you next year at the Summer Nights series. 

Erica Rinear


Letter To Editor - The Plot To Entrap Town Clerk

Letter to the editor

I am an intelligent voter. One who frowns upon mudslinging mailers and the inappropriate abuse of using propaganda press to attempt to sway the voting public. When something distasteful comes in the mail, I tear it up and recycle the paper with hope that it will be used for something positive next time around.  But after witnessing Conrad Chayes make a mockery of the Women’s League of Voters using his time to attempt to tell the voting public every unspeakable lie he could think of to soil a good man’s name and character… I could no longer sit silent. To quote my kindergarten nemesis, whoever smelt it dealt it!

Beginning with the oath of office accusation: anyone who follows local politics knows that was a plot to entrap the town clerk for not supporting the Supervisor in the previous election. I happen to know for a fact that numerous attempts were made to collect the signed oath of office but they were unanswered for the very reason I am defending this now. It began as a way to attempt to sway the board to rule the Town Clerks position as an appointment and not an elected official. All anyone needs to do is watch Vecchios media campaign in the months after. He repeatedly tells the press that the Town Clerk should not be an elected official and should serve at the pleasure of the board. And if you are still not convinced… ask yourself why Lynne Nowick didn’t bother to fly back from Florida when the emergency board meeting was assembled to reinstate the Supervisor and herself.

Vecchio knew he and Ms Nowick would be fine and that they would never remove him from office on a technicality. He used it as bait well knowing that Mr Puleo would fulfill his own oath.

Mr Chayes’ nose continued to grow as he slandered a good mans character instead of taking the opportunity to present himself as a viable candidate for the office, despite being fired from his job with the county that might have made him qualified to run. Mr Puleo took the higher road and pointed out his remarkable achievements and thanked his staff for the outstanding work they do despite having his resources and two personnel members being cut by the Supervisor.

I would not have been so kind. I would have asked Mr Chayes why no one in the County would give him a recommendation. I would ask him why he would advertise that the only endorsement he got was from the guy who made a deal with the Feds to save his own skin and let his number 2 take the fall for crimes Demarco ordered him to do. And finally I would ask Mr Chayes where his campaign money came from and how anyone with his previous career in appointed county positions can afford to spend $50,000 of his own personal money.

But Mr Puleo is a decent man who would never stoop to the level that his opponent has during his campaign. An advocate for the truth.

Barbara Trezza