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Decker – Lab/Shep mix 10 years old male/neutered up to date on vaccines. Decker is a special needs dog

The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many adult cats and young kittens for adoption. Our kittens are socialized and handled by our


  The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many kittens for adoption, the little ones are handled and socialized by our volunteer staff they are friendly have their initial shots and de-worming.










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April at Sunken Meadow





Discounted Tickets To NYS Fair Available Online

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,

We’re making it easier than ever before to visit Syracuse to discover and enjoy everything that the Great New York State Fair has to offer. For the first time, New Yorkers can buy tickets online to attend the State Fair this year from August 21 to September 1.

Fairgoers can save more than 40% by purchasing tickets in advance online at www.nysfair.org.

On the secure website, you can buy any of these five products including the single-day ticket, which will be mailed free of charge to purchasers:  

  • $6 single-day advance sale ticket. That’s a 40% savings over the $10 charge for admission at the gate during the Fair. 
  • $30 Frequent Fairgoer ticket book, which contains 6 days’ worth of tickets. That’s a 50% savings over the full general admission price. 
  • $20 single-day rides wristband voucher. The voucher saves $5 over the weekday price and $10 over the weekend price. The wristband allows a fairgoer to ride the all-new Wade Shows Midway rides all day. 
  • $70 voucher for the Mega Pass, which allows a fairgoer to ride Midway rides all day every day of the Fair. 
  • $5 daily parking pass

From great local Taste NY featured food and beverages to our world-class agriculture industry, this year’s State Fair—themed “Summer’s Best in Show”—is one New Yorkers won’t want to miss. Visit the Great New York State Fair’s website now at www.nysfair.org to purchase your tickets today.


The Office of the Governor


July 30th - International Day of Friendship: Befriending Humanity 

International Day of Friendship: Befriending Humanity


     Wednesday, July 30th, is the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship, a day which in reality should not be limited to just one day of the year, but rather every day.

     Simplistic as it may sound, uncomplicated as it should be, the ultimate answer to the solving of the many problems plaguing the world today is for humanity to recognize that we are all members of the same one human family, and through this recognition, seek to be in fellowship with one another.  Failure to recognize this fundamental truth has led to the problems which have plagued humanity to this very day.

     Scientifically, there is only one species of man: Homo sapiens, a species comprised of a rich myriad of differences, among them: skin color, religious belief, and ethnicity.  While these external differences are what beautifies our one human family, sadly, rather than being a cause for unity, people have tragically made these differences reasons to hate and distrust one another.

     Manmade barriers like racism, prejudice, fear, and bigotry have kept the people of our one human family at odds with one another, manifesting themselves in the many problems to be found in the world, problems far too numerous to list.

     We need to recognize, individually, as well as globally, not only with our minds but more importantly with our hearts, this truth of the oneness of humanity.  Such recognition will lead to the tearing down of these walls of separation, and replacing them with bridges of unity, the result of which will be the lessening of the problems existing today, not only here in the United Sates, but the whole world, so great are the implications of this recognition and subsequent unity.

     If fish of different colors can swim together, and birds of different colors can fly together, why can’t we, with our rich myriad differences, yet boundless similarities, be in fellowship with one another?  After all, should we not be wiser and more noble than fish and birds?

     This call for the recognition of the oneness of humanity does not equate to turning a blind eye to the many injustices and cruelties in the world today, nor Pollyanishly denying their existence.  Rather, this recognition will lead to these injustices being addressed and someday to acts of injustice and cruelty from rarely, if ever, occurring.

     As people come to recognize the essential oneness of humanity, and come together in fellowship with their neighbors, near and far, the thought of hurting one another, let alone the commitment of such acts, will be abhorrent, and far less common.

     The sooner we come to recognize and appreciate how we are all members of the same one human family, and through this recognition, come to embrace the diversity that comprises and beautifies humanity, where these innumerable problems will be no more, the sooner this day will come to be.  While it may not be in our lifetime, let us start working on it today to make this most glorious day come about.

Respectfully submitted,

Marc Hensen

Public Information Officer

Baha’is of Smithtown



Don't Judge The VA Negatively

Don’t be too quick to judge the VA negatively. Complaints of patient mistreatment are often unfounded, based on misinformation, or the products of an overactive imagination.

And so-called whistleblowers are frequently disgruntled ladder climbers.

I’m 81, and a staunch supporter of the Veterans Administration. The entire organization has treated me promptly, expertly, and good-naturedly for 60 years.

The same claim has been made by every veteran with whom I’ve discussed the issue.

Jeb Ladouceur, Smithtown, NY


Smithtown's Dr. Phil - Don't Leave Kids In Hot Car

Dear Editor:

Summer is fast approaching and soon the temperature will soon rise. I’m writing you today as a concerned parent and doctor. Last year 44 children lost their lives nationwide. They died because they were left in a hot vehicle and developed heatstroke. What makes this so sad is that these deaths were preventable.

I applaud the Rotary Club of Commack Kings Park, the New York State Chiropractic Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for working to raise awareness about the dangers of kids in hot cars. Heatstroke is the number one killer of children, outside of car crashes. As the weather gets warmer, the dangers to children increase, and we have to remain vigilant. Remember, never leave a child in a vehicle unattended, look in the backseat every time you leave your car, and always lock your car and put your keys out of reach.

Life is hectic, routines change, and many of us become forgettable. But one thing we can’t afford to be is absent minded with our children. Come up with some ways to remind yourself that your child is in the car, such as placing a briefcase or purse in the back seat next to the car seat. That way, you’ll always check the back before you leave your car. Make it a habit to call your spouse after you’ve dropped your child off, to make sure you didn’t forget. You can also notify daycare to call you if your child doesn’t show up. Set a reminder on your cell phone, or download a baby app that includes reminders. For more information, I encourage you to visit www.safercar.gov/heatstroke, because kids in hot cars are a deadly combination.


Dr. Philip A. Facquet III -

Commack Kings Park Rotary Club President, NYSCA Suffolk County Board Member, Suffolk County Citizen Corp Council


Thank You Commack Community

Dear Commack Community:

On Sunday, May 4th the Commack School District hosted the 43rd Special Olympics Spring Games. There were over 650 special needs athletes who competed in track and field events.  Commack hosted an amazing event. Every athlete, coach, and family member was in awe of what Commack accomplished.  With 500 volunteers, consisting of Commack teachers, staff, security, facilities, parents, and students, we put on a real show!

The Commack Ambulance Corp. had a presence there all day with enough ambulances and EMS workers to handle any situation that could arise.

The Commack Fire Department’s display of the American Flag reminded all of us how proud we are to be Americans.

Early in my career I learned to put the best people in place and the rest will take care of itself.  This committee was the best.  I was blessed to have a committee that went above and beyond my wildest imagination.  I would be remiss if I did not recognize them all personally:

Diane Colona and Tim Flynn – Special Olympic Directors

Gina Shaloub, Krista Brancato, Keri Cestaro – Volunteer Committee

Sue Shapiro & Dominic Fontana – Olympic Village

George Marine – Coaches Committee

Debbie Guber and Sue Hermer – Fundraising

Sal Bisulca – Food Committee (he said there would be no charge for anyone, and he meant it!) Also, the new podiums built by Rob Longo that were built especially for Special Olympics, were beautiful!

Brenda Lentsch – Public Relations & Photography

Matt Keltos, Pat Friel, Steve Davis – Sports Committee

Joe Amedeo – Commack’s Special Needs Athletes Head Coach

Richie McMahon – My “go to” man. Richie built a caldron for Special Olympics that will last a lifetime.   

To Commack School District, thank you for allowing our Commack Team to have the facilities to train properly. 

To all Commack’s coaches, thank you. Thank you for your time to help train our athletes and build their confidence to be able to succeed.

Our Sports Committee, thank you.  This is a job that takes a lot of patience and sensitivity to work with many different levels of disability.

I am blessed every day to be able to come to work at a job that I don’t call work.  It’s true what they say… when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I love Commack.

Thank you.

Debbie Virga

Community Relations Consultant

Event Director for 2014 Special Olympics Spring Games