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Letter To Editor - Task Force Important To Smithtown's Future


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.  –

Merely suggesting the creation of a Zoning Task Force for Kings Park may sound like a simple solution, but I think it is more complicated, requiring the collective input by the variety of Smithtown stakeholders and the limited involvement by the Town Board.  

I applaud the Town Board’s discussion to consider a Task Force to deal with one of the many issues and concerns that effect Smithtown residents’ lifestyle.  Moreover, I believe that there are many other pieces or moveable parts that affect our quality of life, including; the environment, the absence of a Master Plan, Smart Growth Development, to name a few, that must also be administered to and dealt with to enhance Smithtown’s future growth and development.  

In your March 10 editorial, Say No to Committee For Land Use, you wrote; “It is time for Town Board members to step up to the plate and provide that leadership. It is time for the Town Board to take ownership of the area’s problems and to take responsibility for finding a resolution.”  I do not agree that the Town Board should take a leadership role.  Moreover, the Town Government should accept the strategies or recommendations of SPADA and assist in its implementation, where and when necessary, utilizing available resources.”  To do otherwise, is rather like the “tail wagging the dog.”

Therefore, I offer a plan to consider all of the Towns issues in an ordered, realistic, effective and efficient manner, not just for Kings Park, but all of Smithtown. I propose the creation of a Smithtown Planning And Development Association (SPADA.) (Please see attached.)  I am available to act as a facilitator and/or Coordinator of this noble venture with like-minded groups and organizations.  I have some experience in developing and producing such an undertaking and offer my assistance towards implementing this Association.   For further information, please contact me, Email:  

 HYPERLINK “mailto:MaceFam4@optonline.net” MaceFam4@optonline.net, or Like Me on Facebook.  Thank you.

Richard S. Macellaro

Community Leader Letter

Dear Community Leader/Representative.

In recent newspaper and media outlets reports and editorials, a discussion is beginning to percolate regarding the need for a task force to deal with one specific issue, Kings Park Industrial Re-Zoning.   I believe that there are many more issues, which are effecting Smithtown’s future growth and development and a one-issue task force is not the answer.  

Rather, a multi-faceted approach to effectively and efficiently correct some, if not most of Smithtown’s difficulties is required.  Therefore, I propose that community and business leaders, like-minded, concerned grass roots groups and organizations, as well as any other interested stakeholder, create a strategic planning association for all of Smithtown.

I propose establishing a Smithtown Planning And Development Association (SPADA.)  The mission of SPADA would be: To generate plans for Smithtown’s future growth and development: To enhance quality of life interests, To provide for resident’s safety, To  protect the environment and To secure financial stability and resources.  

Further, I suggest that this Association organize itself without elected officials’ leadership, but rather in partnership with them. As concluded by The American Planning Association (APA) in their recently conducted national poll entitled, ‘Planning in America: Perceptions and Priorities.’ “The results clearly established 3 levels. The top choices: (1) neighborhood representatives and business professionals. (2) In the middle, community planners, economists, and not-for-profit professionals. (3) At the bottom of the list were elected leaders, environmentalists, and academic experts.”  Additionally,  “Not only do these results emphasize the importance of local communities in planning for their own futures, but it underscores the critical need for collaboration in the planning process.”

Certainly, the topics that I have highlighted, are just a few of the issues and concerns that exist. You may wish to add your own or those of your organization’s area of interest.  The Kings Park re-zoning issue is just a start.  In addition, I do not advocate excluding the Town Government as it is an integral part of implementing any actions as determined by the proposed Planning Association.  Rather than the “tail wagging the dog,” Town Government should accept the strategies or recommendations of SPADA and assist in its implementation, where and when necessary, utilizing available resources.

Therefore, attached please find a plan, a proposal to organize a SPADA.  I present it to you for your review and to begin discussing its merit, and if warranted, it’s implementation. If you decide to start up a group of committed individuals to redesign Smithtown’s future growth and development, I would like to be part of this initiative.  I am available to act as a facilitator and/or coordinator of this noble venture.  I have some experience in developing and growing such an undertaking.  

For a copy of SPADA email Richard MaceFam4@optonline.net” MaceFam4@optonline.net

Richard S. Macellaro


Letters To The Editor - Take A Serious Look At What Just Happened

Dear Editor,

After the Thursday, February 13, 2014 special board meeting there is a feeling that our Board needs to reconcile and to have everyone feel good and understand each other. However, moving on too quickly past the disturbing events of the last week would be a mistake. It would avoid our taking a serious look at what just happened. We should not ignore what was a serious interference with the voting process and a unilateral nullification of a free and open election.

All indications are that the Town Clerk, Vincent Puleo, was motivated politically and acted out of partisanship for his political faction, rather than in the interests of Smithtown. Instead of doing his job which was to protect the voting process by collecting and filing oaths of office, he undermined our election. He did not raise the issue of signatures for thirty (30) days and then on the thirty-sixth (36) day, which was 6 days after the form oath deadline, he threw our Town into legal and political turmoil by declaring two (2) seats on the Board “vacant”. The Town has voted for four ( 4) year terms for Vecchio/Nowick; instead we are barely receiving one (1) year terms and it has come as a political “favor” from the political faction to which Puleo belongs. We will need shortly to have another election which is an expense and distraction for our Town officials who should be focusing on their jobs rather than on campaigning again. The actions of last week harm our faith in democracy, in Smithtown’s Board and our belief in an honest government that serves its people.

The evidence that the Clerk may have engaged in a knowing and/or purposeful dereliction of his duties are as follows:

 1. Suspicious Timing - On February 6th the Clerk suddenly remembered that oaths were not signed after being passive for over 30 days.

 2. Admission of Motive in Perceived Hostility - in a SmithtownMatters.com<http://SmithtownMatters.com> interview with Maureen Rossi 2/13/14, Mr. Puleo attributes the failure to have the forms signed to a “bad political climate at Town Hall” and what he perceived as hostility from Mr. Vecchio. However, the alleged hostility of others is not an excuse for the Clerk to fail to perform his job. 3. Alleged Negligence of Others Does Not Condone Dereliction of Duty By the Clerk - The Clerk had a duties under NYS Town Law Sections 25 and 30, which state: that it was the Clerk’s duty to give notice, file oaths, certify appointments of Town officers, and that the Clerk shall have additional powers as are conferred and determined.

 4. Many Opportunities to Have Form Signed - The Clerk explained that he didn’t have the forms signed on New Year’s Day because he thought he needed to get an invitation from Mr. Vecchio to the inauguration ceremony. (This was a misperception because as Mr. Puleo should have known this ceremony was a public Town event which was not subject to invitations). But despite the failure to administer to this task on January 1st, there were many other opportunities during the 30 day period. The Clerk’s office is close to the offices of Board and supervisor. Our elected officials pass each other in the hall, attend meetings, receive each other’s correspondence. Certainly a one line email with an attachment couldn’t be so difficult for the Clerk.

 5. No Hesitation to Declare Seats Vacant - Mr Puleo did not seem to hesitate to boldly and decisively declare the seats vacant. There seemed to be little deliberation, prior discussion or anguish over this turn of events. Rather, there seemed to be a great deal of zeal over achieving a result which nullified the vote. This contrasts to the initial 30 days where Mr. Puleo was quiet and did not act on this issue.

This matter is of critical importance. It isn’t about our politicians making nice. It’s not about personalities in Town Hall, but about all of us and our Town. It is about obtaining the truth over a serious matter. It is about justice for the Smithtown voter. It is about honesty in government and our democratic system.

An impartial and thorough investigation of the facts is needed. Our Town may not be able to do this in a neutral manner given our politics and the past politicization of our Town Attorney’s office. We cannot let this assault on the integrity of our vote simply go away with some nice words. Fundamental laws and values are at stake. Our Town needs to call the County and/or State for an investigation.

 Ronald D. Weiss

 St. James


Letters To The Editor - Damage Is Done - Blame It On Partisan Politics

                                                                                    February 13, 2014


            Last week, the results of a free and open town election were nullified by the Smithtown Town Clerk. Even if the Town Board temporarily appoints Supervisor Vecchio, Ms. Nowick and others to their former elected offices, it is a only a one year (1) appointment and a new special election within one (1) year will cost taxpayers an estimated $200,000. Our remaining Board is being asked to reinstate the seats that were vacated. However, we all know this Board is very divided and to pretend that this was an accident would be extremely naïve. Yet, the damage to our Town, which was avoidable, happened because partisan politics was more important than the interests of the voters of Smithtown.

            So we are forced to ask, did the Town Clerk have a duty here? Can he purposely decide not to distribute a form, that he had always submitted for signature, and then wait till the deadline passed and declare elected seats vacant?  The answer is NO. The Town Clerk not only had an ethical duty but also a legal one to prevent this situation.

1)   NYS Town Law Section 25, which deals with oaths of office, states that the clerk give notice of the expiration of any undertaking 30 days before the expiration.

2)   NYS Town Law Section 30, which deals with the powers and duties of the town clerk, states that the clerk: “shall file all … oaths … required by law,… certify appointments of officers within 20 days… and …. Shall have additional powers and duties as are conferred..imposed.. and determined.”

3)   NYS Election Law Section 15-124, which deals with the duties of a the clerk in an election, states “the village clerk shall be the election officer of the village and shall have the responsibility for the general conduct of all reasonable and necessary to provide for the proper and orderly conduct of such elections and the proceedings preliminary and subsequent thereto.”

4)   NYS Election Law Section 15-128, which deals with the notice of the oath the clerk need to give, states “the clerk of the village shall, within three days after the election of a village officer, notify each person elected of his election, and …that in order to qualify, he is required to file his oath of office with such clerk before entering upon the duties thereof.”

5)   Even if the above laws did not exist, the “Assumption of Duty” Doctrine applies where a person, like the Town Clerk, has made it their job over a long period time to do a task and causes reliance and expectation that he would continue to do the same.

            So the law is clear. The Town Clerk had a legal duty to notice elected officials about the written oath and to file it. The Clerk had engaged in a dereliction of his duties. He has sought to nullify our election by not doing his job. He did it because he was more loyal to a political faction than to this Town.           

            Sure, you can try to blame others for negligence, but at the end of the day this was very avoidable if the Clerk had done his job rather than seeing the form as a means to interfere with the election process.

            What happened last week was a travesty. It was a crime.

            We demand that the remaining Town Board honor the election. We demand that the Board put our Town’s voters and democracy before its partisan politics. We demand that the Board act in a legal fashion and not find excuses to disenfranchise the Smithtown voter.  We demand that the Board correct at least part of the damage that has been done. We demand that the Board do it’s job and serve the interests of Smithtown.


Ronald D. Weiss




Letters To The Editor - Shame On Smithtown

I have never worked in politics or in law, but I definitely don’t need a degree in either to know that what is going on in the town is hypocritical to say the least.  My community has been trying for YEARS to get the Prisco property cleaned up and brought to town code.  Deadlines come and go and the town officials just turn a blind eye.  This business owner continues to get exceptions and extensions, and the taxpayers of Smithtown are left to suffer.  Now, the town clerk claims that the Supervisor and Councilwoman that were overwhelmingly voted into office are void because a 30 day deadline has come and gone.  SHAME on Smithtown for the way they conduct business and the way they run this town.  These political games the town plays only hurt the community.  Enforcement of deadlines is a joke, and obviously only for a chosen few.  Smithtown politicians and elected officials really need to get their act together.  This is a disgrace! 

Ann-Marie Most 

Smithtown, NY


Letters To The Editor -Drawing $94,616.00 From Taxpayers - Town Clerk Should Be Aware and More Responsible


The actions this week by Smithtown Town Clerk, Vincent Puleo have deeply saddened us. As an elected official, he accepted the privilege of office but failed to appreciate the great responsibility owned to his constituents. Town Clerk Puleo had the responsibility to the good, hardworking taxpayers and voters of Smithtown, to simply do the right thing. He chose not to. He chose not to do what is decent and professional by collecting the necessary signatures or even informing the Supervisor and Councilwoman of the deadline.

Mr. Puleo’s annual salary is $69,616.00 plus $25,000.00 for Vital Statistics, making his total income from his position in Smithtown $94,616.00. He chose to accept his paycheck this month, earned simply by biting his tongue and biding his time. In doing so, he ultimately allowed our town to undergo the certain upcoming hardships we now face, all while making a mockery of the electoral process. The basic courtesy, honor and trust we should demand from our elected officials has been betrayed by our Town Clerk, Vincent Puleo.


Kathy & Dave Albrecht