Please come down to the Smithtown Animal Shelter and fall in love with Sweet Stella girl! Stella is a 7 year old spayed female staff terrier mix. Stella has been waiting for her furever home for over a year now. Stella would make a great walking companion and she is like a furry exercise machine. She loves to roll on her back for belly rubs and give kisses. Stella would do best in an adult only home with no other pets. Open up your heart and adopt this furbaby and give her the loving home she deserves!


Home Wanted -

Please come down to the Smithtown Animal Shelter and adopt  “Sparticus”!  He is a handsome 9 month old neutered male. He is a stunning grey domestic short hair with a loving personality. Sparticus enjoys hanging out with his cat friends and playing with his toys. He can be a little shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he is a big mush! Meow!

Smithtown Animal Shelter


The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many kittens for adoption, the little ones are handled and socialized by our volunteer staff they are friendly have their initial shots and de-worming.











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Letter To Editor - Thank You From Legislator Elect Leslie Kennedy

To the Editor,

Thank you to all those 12th Legislative District residents who supported me in the Special Election on March 31, 2015. While the weather was consistently poor, your responses at the door when I was walking the district were consistently positive, and greatly appreciated. I would like to thank the Smithtown and Brookhaven Republican Committees, all the wonderful volunteers, as well as support from local law enforcement, education, and friends and supporters from all local towns!

I promise to use this opportunity to work tirelessly on the behalf of ALL of the electorate, to continue the Kennedy tradition of premier constituent service and to be ever mindful of the bottom line, sparing residents of wasteful spending. I look forward to your calls and emails, and can be reached at (631) 854-3735, or at Leslie.kennedy@suffolkcountynygov


Leslie Kennedy


Letter To Editor - Time For Jorgensen To Go - Time To Rethink Local Government 

Dear Editor,

As Chairman of the Smithtown Democratic Committee, I am writing to demand the resignation of Republican Smithtown Highway Superintendent Glenn Jorgensen. Enough is enough! It’s time for him to walk away before he embarrasses himself, and the people of Smithtown, any further. Mr. Jorgensen’s recent indictment on four felony charges and his sexual harassment lawsuit goes far beyond the everyday incompetence we have come to expect from Mr. Jorgensen. He must resign immediately. The fact that Smithtown taxpayers are still paying his salary is an outrage!

Actually, the solution to the Jorgensen problem may be to not replace him with a new Highway Superintendent. This scandal should be taken as an opportunity to examine the entire structure of the Town government. It’s time for the residents of Smithtown to consider if we’d all be better served by an appointed Director of Public Works rather than another elected Highway Superintendent.

After all, in recent months both Supervisor Pat Vecchio and Town Councilman Bob Creighton have each proposed different amendments to Town statutes that would consolidate departments and eliminate potentially unnecessary elected positions. However, because of the dysfunction in Town Hall and the poisonous rivalries that exist within the Smithtown Republican Party, no real effort has been made to consider the needs of the people of Smithtown, and to make the tough decisions regarding the size and scope of the town’s departments.

It has become increasingly clear to every resident of Smithtown that Highway Superintendent Glenn Jorgensen is incompetent and needs to go. Are the rest of the elected Republicans in Smithtown Government competent enough to see that he does?

Ed Maher, Chairman Smithtown Democratic Committee


Letter To Editor - A Letter To Senator Flanagan - Thank You But....

Senator Flanagan;

I thank you for your office looking into the matter with the flooding in my driveway, as well as the support that your office has offered me. Ms. Lang has been a pleasure to discuss this issue with. 

In regards to your letter dated 3/13/2015, I understand that the jurisdiction falls under the Town of Smithtown Highway Department and Glenn Jorgenson. To have your letter state that the highway removed the snow from my curb, and Jorgenson was here and there was no flooding is actually an insult to me. They had an employee come down here with a front loader and I spoke with him. There was nothing for him to move that day while he was here. He stood out front for a few minutes while my wife observed him from our house, but yet did not come up and try to address the situation. He conveniently shows up after all this attention, but not when I see him in his office and ask him to come while the water is running into the driveway.  He came after pretty much all the snow has melted but yet has nothing to correct the hazardous condition that continues to plague us every year for over 10 years now. 

This campaign will not stop until he has the decency to come to me as a man and correct this. Stop blaming me for a situation that the highway dept. created. 

Peter Connerton


Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2015 Opportunity Agenda

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Today I presented my “2015 Opportunity Agenda” designed to restore economic opportunity, reform the education system, and restore the public’s confidence and trust in our justice system. This plan is a bold and comprehensive package of legislative reforms, state actions, and public investments that will increase opportunity for all New Yorkers. Components of the Agenda include:

  • Cutting small business taxes from 6.5% to 2.5% 
  • Passing $1.7 billion in property tax relief for 1.3 million homeowners and financial relief for over one million renters
  • Raising the minimum wage to $10.50 statewide and $11.50 in NYC, as part of our ten-point Anti-Poverty Opportunity Agenda 
  • Building a new New York with a comprehensive plan to strengthen and modernize our infrastructure, including modernizing NY’s Airports, building new Metro-North stations in the Bronx and extending access to Penn Station, upgrading upstate ports and rail depots, and creating a statewide program to repair and upgrade our roads and bridges
  • Ensuring statewide high-speed broadband access by 2019 
  • Pursuing an ambitious P-12 agenda, including professionalizing teaching; strengthening teacher evaluations; rewarding excellent teachers with performance pay; transforming the state’s failing schools; expeditiously but fairly removing ineffective teachers; and expanding choice for charter schools and passing the Education Tax Credit 
  • Launching a $1.5 billion Upstate New York Economic Revitalization Competition 
  • Expanding SUNY’s Sexual Assault Policy statewide to private colleges and universities 
  • Raising the age to change how the justice system treats youth offenders 
  • Ensuring a fair and equal justice system for all New Yorkers

Watch a video of the presentation and view the press release to learn more about all the proposals presented today. You can also read the full 2015 Opportunity Agenda policy book.


Letter To Editor - Smithtown’s School Board Got it Right

Smithtown’s School Board Got it Right

As noted by Mr. Colletta on his letter to the editor on December 10th I was the only veteran who opposes the adoption of the Alternative Veteran’s Exemption and I do so on many levels.   As person who became a veteran by being drafted and having my military occupation specialty of light weapons infantry I guess I have as good a reason to ask for a little more as anyone but in fact I do not.  As a member of this community for over thirty-five years I feel it is neither the time nor our school boards responsibility to raise taxes on the majority of our residents.   As many families are still trying to dig themselves of the worst economic recession since the 1930’s is now the time to hit then with another tax increase?  I think not.  Also, if our elected officials in Albany, who we compensate with both a paycheck and daily expenses can not take the time to find the money to pay for legislation then maybe they don’t deserve carry the banner of “We Support Our Veterans”. 

But wait, our representatives in Albany really would have a problem with using state money of pay for a school tax exemption.  Their problem would be that stems for the fact that since 2010 to balance their budgets Albany has reduced our state school aid by over twenty million dollars.  So I think they would have a major political problem if they continue to short change our children while paying for this tax exemption.  And what a burden our legislature has placed on our school board.  With reduced state aid our school board had to make some very hard decisions on what programs to cut so our budget targets could be met.  In addition, our state legislature continues to leave in place laws governing public workers unions that make it almost imposable to negotiate contracts that reflect the realities of the hard economic times we have all been through.

The other evening many of the speakers noted that many of the veterans in the community are retired as I am.  As I mentioned the other evening, if a member of the community is over 65 and of limited income they can apply for a state sponsored program that could cut their entire real estate tax rate by over half.   All it takes, similar to the star programs, is filling out a form and showing your adjusted gross income is below $37,400.   Now that is real tax assistance in place today and funded by the state.

Now as the only veteran who spoke against the this exemption I find it odd that for the past six years I am one of the only veterans who has taken the time to attend many of our school board meetings and lend support to those who fight to both control spending as well as improve the learning experience for our students.  In addition, I have been a volunteer to a number of our high school clubs that support both business and technology competitions.  I guess that old concept of  “don’t ask what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country” still resonates with me.  I wish more of my brother and sister veterans would do so as well so they would be a little more objective when it comes to our schools and the people who support them. 

With great respect to this community,

Robert Foster