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Letter To Editor - Lee Zeldin Headlined Steve Bannon Now What?

Steve Bannon was fired from the White House, and has now been shoved out of Breitbart; not because his opinions are vile, but because he told the truth about the Trumps: dumb-as-a-brick Ivanka; treasonous and unpatriotic Donald Jr.;  childish, ignorant and dangerously erratic Trump.

Lee Zeldin  headlined the anti-Semitic, white supremacist blowhard, Steve Bannon, at a December 17, 2017 NYC fundraiser, to the consternation of his fellow Jews and all others who are disgusted with the race-baiting and cruelty exhibited by sexual abuser Trump, his sycophantic followers, and enablers.  
If you live in CD-1, call* Lee Zeldin - if the office is closed, you can leave a message - and ask what he plans on doing now that his friend Steve Bannon is persona non grata in the White House. 
Does Lee still love Trump?  Does Trump still love Lee?  Does Lee still love Bannon?  
Stay tuned.
* DC Office  (202-225-3826  Patchogue Office   631-289-1097

If you are not a resident, please forward this to friends who do live in CD-1. 

Ruth A Cohen



Letter To Editor - Republicans Set To Appoint Town Board Candidate Voters Rejected


On 12/25/17, Newsday announced that Supervisor-elect Ed Wehrheim intends to fill his own vacant seat by appointing Tom Lohmann to Smithtown’s Town Council position.  It was also reported that Councilman Tom McCarthy would vote to approve this appointment. The town code guides this appointment process which is procedural, but it is not representative of Smithtown residents and voters.  It is a relatively unique situation, as Patrick Vecchio has been Supervisor since 1978. This decision does not comply of the voice of the voting community in Smithtown.  Is it possible that Mr. Wehrheim and Mr. McCarthy have already forgotten the (Nov. 2017 town council) election results?

As an alternative to filling the open Town Council position, Amy Fortunato, (recent Democratic candidate) has been recommended.  Ms. Fortunato received twice as many votes as Mr. Lohmann in last November’s general election.  It has been suggested that Fortunato is entitled to real consideration because she achieved the most votes after the Town Council incumbents. This particular quantifiable factor alone should be enough to warrant her appointment.  

Mr. Lohmann was working as an assistant special investigator for the Suffolk County District Attorney, Thomas Spota, who was forced to resign.  Spota was indicted by a Federal grand jury (10/25/17) and under investigation for witness tampering and obstruction of justice. The Newsday article reported that Lohmann would likely be replaced when District Attorney Tim Sini begins his term in office.  Sini has clearly articulated his intentions to clean up and restore credibility to the Suffolk county DA. For Ed Wehrheim to appoint anyone associated with Tom Spota would not be sensible or prudent at this time.   

Considering the recent election results in November, Lohmann received the least number of votes among the six candidates, as well as finishing last place in the Republican Primary election in September. 

In order to respect the voice of the Smithtown community and effectively represent the voters, it would be wise for Ed Wehrheim to appoint Amy Fortunato to the open Smithtown Town Council position.  In a Democracy, decisions are based on the collective voter’s choice rather than determined by the few in power.  Democracy is the “rule of the majority.”   

 Peter Hanson



Letter To Editor - The Folly Of Thinking Smithtown Electeds Think About Voters


Letter to the Editor - The People’s Choice?

Isn’t Smithtown politics great?

Where else except the “fiefdom” of Smithtown can a candidate run for Town Council, finish 6TH in a field of 6 [getting only 9.31% of the vote], and become our next Town Councilman?

Where else except Smithtown could a sitting Town Councilman, a known adversary of the incoming Supervisor on every issue for the last decade, now miraculously decide to vote with him to anoint our next Town Council member, a friend and political ally of the Supervisor.

What a surprise! Could it be that this Councilman was promised in return for his vote, he would be allowed to keep his Deputy Supervisor title and the extra $35k annual stipend that goes with it?

No. Couldn’t be that. That we would be ethically wrong. So, I guess we’ll soon find out who the new Deputy Supervisor will be for 2018. Happy New Year!

Jim Anderson



Letter To Editor - Addiction Is The Problem Not Seafield Center Rehab Facility 

Dear Editor:

Residents, civic groups, and local elected officials of the Blue Point neighborhood surrounding the St. Ursula Convent site on which Seafield Center hopes to establish a drug and alcohol rehab facility for women are fighting to prevent the plan. Not a day passes that I dont hear Long Islanders decry
the terrible opioid and heroin epidemic facing our communities and plead for resources to save our children and our neighbors. So frankly, the opposition to providing the help we so desperately need in Blue Point baffles and saddens me.

One of my biggest questions is, Where do the people of Blue Point believe the addicts were hearing about live now?I know theyre living in my lovely, upper middle class neighborhood in the town of Smithtown because I hear of the deaths young and old. Children of people I have known for years. Adults who were members of our community and our community groups. Theyre already in your neighborhood but not inside the controlled and therapeutic environment the Seafield Center will establish.

Another question is, Who are we talking about when we talk about people who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction?

They are neighbors like me: an attorney, former candidate for public office, owner and manager of real property investments, and the mother of two wonderful adult children. I am am an employer, taxpayer, member and volunteer in my bar associations and was recently admitted to practice before the U. S. Supreme Court. And I am an alcoholic and former substance abuser who has been in recovery for more than 31 years.

I am sober and in recovery because of the support and compassion of people and organizations who were there for me when I needed help. I tried for years to stop abusing substances and get sober on my own to no avail. We need the treatment community if our children and neighbors are to survive.

The time has come for the people of Long Island to understand who the alcoholics and addicts in need of treatment are they are us and they are our children. We must overcome our fear and our prejudices and allow treatment centers like the one proposed at the St.Ursula Center in Blue Point to come into existence so others will have the opportunities that addicts like I have had to overcome the symptoms of our disease and live wonderful and productive lives.

Elaine Turley,

Fort Salonga 


Letter To Editor - Zeldin's Protect America Act A Nothing Burger

Lee Zeldin, Clairvoyant, Meet Harry Houdini

A clairvoyant is someone who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive future events. In the film ‘Minority Report,’  the government protects its citizenry using  ‘PreCrime’ to apprehend future criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called ‘Precogs’. Their clairvoyance, however, is not infallible because the main protagonist is accused of a crime he has not committed.

China employs a type of clairvoyance, a surveillance system known as ‘Dragonfly Eye’ that, in seconds, can scan a national database of  two billion faces. Not only does it capture wanted criminals, it tracks and predicts the activities of activists, dissidents,  ethnic minorities, and those who authorities say have extreme thoughts.

To find clairvoyants closer to home, look no further than Congressman Lee Zeldin’s recent letter to a constituent:  “This year, I reintroduced the Protect America Act (H.R.3998), legislation to prevent terrorists from purchasing firearms or explosives, while putting in place safeguards to ensure that the rights of law abiding Americans are protected. The legislation would also permit the Attorney General to revoke firearms and explosives licenses and permits held by individuals determined to be engaged in terrorism. It is so important to prevent those who would commit acts of violence from obtaining firearms. The Protect America Act would grant the Attorney General the authority to deny firearms and explosives to individuals who are engaged in terrorist activities, or where there is a reasonable belief that an individual may use a firearm or explosive in connection with terrorism.”   

Who is in right mind would not want to deny or revoke a firearm or explosives permit to someone who is engaged in terrorism, but how does Zeldin know who is likely to commit acts of violence?  From what we do know, Akayed Ullah, who injured himself trying to detonate a pipe bomb in NYC, is a Bangladeshi who has been living in the US as a Lawful Permanent Resident since 2011.  Until now, he had no criminal record in either country.   He did electrical work with his brother, and  prayed at home rather than at a mosque. Did he express anti-government sentiments?  Maybe, but have you seen or attended any political demonstrations lately?  Have you read the signs and heard the chanting?  Does the First Amendment ring a bell?   

Did Zeldin not hear of Oklahoma City or Sandy Hook?  How does he know who is likely to commit an act of terrorism?  Radical Islamic terrorists inspired or directed by groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda do pose a clear threat to the US, but since Trump took office, more Americans have been killed by white American men with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners.  Moreover, Donald Trump’s executive order banning people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, which he claimed  was to protect Americans from “radical Islamic terrorists,”  does not include Bangladesh.  

Zeldin recently reintroduced the Protect America Act allowing for massive, untargeted collection of international communications without court order or meaningful oversight by either Congress or the courts.  The bill is still in committee, and, according to govtrack.us, it stands only an 8% chance of being enacted.   It’s a Nothing Burger that allows Zeldin to fool his constituents into thinking that he’s doing something, when, as usual, he’s doing nothing.  

Harry Houdini made it a personal goal to prove that mystics and clairvoyants are fake. Every year on Halloween, the date of Houdini’s death, magicians visit his grave to see if he will contact them from the Great Beyond.  They have never heard anything from Harry. Nothing from the Precogs, China, Trump or Zeldin, either.  So much for clairvoyance.  I’ll believe it when I hear it directly from Harry, but not until then.  

Ruth A Cohen