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 Ramsey – Shep/Chow mix 3 years old male/neutered up to date on vaccines. Ramsey loves to play with his toys and go for walks. He is affectionate and playful but would be best placed with older children and a home without other dogs.




  The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many kittens for adoption, the little ones are handled and socialized by our volunteer staff they are friendly have their initial shots and de-worming.










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April at Sunken Meadow





Support For The Smithtown Special Library Budget

CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO, Suffolk Local 852, Unit 8349 endorses the passing of the 2015 budget for the Smithtown Special Library District.

Of course it does, you say: the union, which represents the 100-plus full- and part-time Civil Service employees of the Smithtown Library, has a vested interest in the budget passing.

True enough. Like working people everywhere, library employees have bills to pay and families to care for. A failed budget vote could mean reduced hours or lost jobs for employees due to reduced hours and service to the community. Union employees are not tax grabbers or highly-paid political appointees. We earn no more than our neighbors with comparable educational and job requirements and many of us earn less. Our contractual cost of living adjustment this year was 1.25%, less than the 1.7% national rate of inflation [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9/17/2014]. No union member works at a public library to get rich.

But safeguarding jobs and families is not the sole motivating factor in encouraging the passing of the budget. Most of our members pursued a career in library work because they have a commitment to public service and appreciate the value of a good public library to this or any community.

But good public libraries don’t come free. It takes money to stock, staff and maintain a public library. Still, all things considered, your public library is  community’s best educational, cultural and recreational value. Does that sound self-serving? It isn’t. Library employees are taxpayers, too. Just like everyone else, we know what we want for our tax money and we scrutinize what we get. And we know how little of that tax money, percentage-wise, goes to public libraries. 

We know that it is the public’s satisfaction with the service they receive on each visit to the library in person or online at the library’s website throughout the year upon which rests the outcome of any budget vote. The union employees of the Smithtown Special Library District take pride in delivering the best service they can with the resources with which they are provided. From supervisors and schedule-makers to those who check out books, DVDs and CDs with a smile and a friendly word; to those who go the extra mile to track down a rare book or article or to provide help downloading an e-book; to those who instill the joy of reading in our youngest patrons; to those who catalog and process a steady stream of new materials, sort the mail, keep the ledgers, pay the bills and keep our buildings and equipment clean, safe and working properly, every member of the Smithtown Library employees’ union cares about the work they do and the quality of service they provide. And, yes, even in the internet age, public libraries are busier than ever. Come by any weekend or weekday after school and check it out. It should be evident that all of us, employees and community residents alike, are best served by the passage of a fair and responsible library budget.

The 2015 library budget vote will be held at all four branches - Smithtown, Commack, Kings Park and Nesconset - from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 14. Please join us in voting ”yes.” 

Richard Riis, President


Suffolk Local 852, Unit 8349



Letter To The Editor - The Facts On Open Space & Recreation Trust Fund Referendum

Last week, Supervisor Vecchio stated his opposition to place an Open Space & Recreation Trust Fund referendum on November’s ballot. However, his attempt to manipulate the facts behind this proposal is alarming. He says “this is not a time to place more tax burden on the public,” but the facts clearly show that the exact opposite is true. When he was asked to let the people decide the outcome of the referendum, he oddly suggested that would not be “good government.” When told of the need for new and improved parks, he surprisingly said “enough is enough.”  

Here are the facts. Municipalities and school districts across the country have learned that open space preservation is not an expense, as the Supervisor claims, but an investment that produces economic benefits in perpetuity. Failure to participate in a land conservation program will lead to environmental degradation, contamination of our drinking water, a shortage of recreational space, deterioration of historical structures and property tax increases.  

In fact, open space preservation is considered the “Ultimate Tax Cap.” Protected open space helps keep property taxes from rising because increased residential development leads to increased demand for government services, schools and other costly infrastructure. For example, the addition of just 1 new single family home places our school districts in the red by about $6,600. 

With only 16% of Smithtown’s total land area dedicated for open space, the town must do a better job protecting its most important asset. The town has identified approximately 1,100 acres that they would recommend acquiring for open space and new parkland. In order to secure these parcels, the Supervisor and Town Board must have the decency to place the referendum on the ballot and let the people, not politics, decide the outcome.

Mike Rosato

Kings Park


Letter To The Editor - Conflict Of Interest In McCarthy's Vote

RE: Smithtown Deputy Supervisor’s salary increase voted on September 9, 2014

What part of “conflict of interest, or appearance of a conflict of interest” does not apply to Councilman Thomas McCarthy’s vote for his own $30,000 increase?  The answer is of course “NONE”.  It is so blatantly unethical, and untenable, that I can’t imagine how this action can stand.

Had McCarthy recused himself, as he should have, this vote would not have passed.  Should the position of deputy supervisor get a raise? Maybe… But the public has a right to discuss it first.  And is a $30,000 increase defensible? Maybe… but only if the Supervisor is really unable to handle his daily workload.  And should any increase be retroactive to the beginning of the year? Never! Any vote to increase Town Board salaries should be for future Town Board members.  Let each member who votes for his or her increase in salary, stand the test of the vote by the voters at their next election.  Only if re-elected, should an elected official ever benefit personally from their own vote.  

No conflict of Interest… Period. Enough is enough.

Sandy Trehy, Kings Park NY


Discounted Tickets To NYS Fair Available Online

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,

We’re making it easier than ever before to visit Syracuse to discover and enjoy everything that the Great New York State Fair has to offer. For the first time, New Yorkers can buy tickets online to attend the State Fair this year from August 21 to September 1.

Fairgoers can save more than 40% by purchasing tickets in advance online at www.nysfair.org.

On the secure website, you can buy any of these five products including the single-day ticket, which will be mailed free of charge to purchasers:  

  • $6 single-day advance sale ticket. That’s a 40% savings over the $10 charge for admission at the gate during the Fair. 
  • $30 Frequent Fairgoer ticket book, which contains 6 days’ worth of tickets. That’s a 50% savings over the full general admission price. 
  • $20 single-day rides wristband voucher. The voucher saves $5 over the weekday price and $10 over the weekend price. The wristband allows a fairgoer to ride the all-new Wade Shows Midway rides all day. 
  • $70 voucher for the Mega Pass, which allows a fairgoer to ride Midway rides all day every day of the Fair. 
  • $5 daily parking pass

From great local Taste NY featured food and beverages to our world-class agriculture industry, this year’s State Fair—themed “Summer’s Best in Show”—is one New Yorkers won’t want to miss. Visit the Great New York State Fair’s website now at www.nysfair.org to purchase your tickets today.


The Office of the Governor


July 30th - International Day of Friendship: Befriending Humanity 

International Day of Friendship: Befriending Humanity


     Wednesday, July 30th, is the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship, a day which in reality should not be limited to just one day of the year, but rather every day.

     Simplistic as it may sound, uncomplicated as it should be, the ultimate answer to the solving of the many problems plaguing the world today is for humanity to recognize that we are all members of the same one human family, and through this recognition, seek to be in fellowship with one another.  Failure to recognize this fundamental truth has led to the problems which have plagued humanity to this very day.

     Scientifically, there is only one species of man: Homo sapiens, a species comprised of a rich myriad of differences, among them: skin color, religious belief, and ethnicity.  While these external differences are what beautifies our one human family, sadly, rather than being a cause for unity, people have tragically made these differences reasons to hate and distrust one another.

     Manmade barriers like racism, prejudice, fear, and bigotry have kept the people of our one human family at odds with one another, manifesting themselves in the many problems to be found in the world, problems far too numerous to list.

     We need to recognize, individually, as well as globally, not only with our minds but more importantly with our hearts, this truth of the oneness of humanity.  Such recognition will lead to the tearing down of these walls of separation, and replacing them with bridges of unity, the result of which will be the lessening of the problems existing today, not only here in the United Sates, but the whole world, so great are the implications of this recognition and subsequent unity.

     If fish of different colors can swim together, and birds of different colors can fly together, why can’t we, with our rich myriad differences, yet boundless similarities, be in fellowship with one another?  After all, should we not be wiser and more noble than fish and birds?

     This call for the recognition of the oneness of humanity does not equate to turning a blind eye to the many injustices and cruelties in the world today, nor Pollyanishly denying their existence.  Rather, this recognition will lead to these injustices being addressed and someday to acts of injustice and cruelty from rarely, if ever, occurring.

     As people come to recognize the essential oneness of humanity, and come together in fellowship with their neighbors, near and far, the thought of hurting one another, let alone the commitment of such acts, will be abhorrent, and far less common.

     The sooner we come to recognize and appreciate how we are all members of the same one human family, and through this recognition, come to embrace the diversity that comprises and beautifies humanity, where these innumerable problems will be no more, the sooner this day will come to be.  While it may not be in our lifetime, let us start working on it today to make this most glorious day come about.

Respectfully submitted,

Marc Hensen

Public Information Officer

Baha’is of Smithtown