Smithtown Animal Shelter

Please come down to the Smithtown Animal Shelter and fall in love with our sweet sibling kittens Sweet Pea and Baby!!   They are 3 month old male and female DSH adorable kittens. They are fixed, vaccinated, microchipped  and Fiv/Felv negative. These 2 furbabies were rescued from the back of a leaf truck when they were around 4 weeks and were hand raised with lots of love by one of our foster moms. These 2 kittens are very special and love people! They need a loving home together and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

The Smithtown Animal Shelter has many kittens for adoption, the little ones are handled and socialized by our volunteer staff they are friendly have their initial shots and de-worming.











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Letter To The Editor - Smithtown's Road Resurfacing Is Waste Of Tax Dollars

Letter to the Editor,

I think our tax dollars are being wasted. 

We got a notice from the Smithtown Highway Department that our local streets would be “resurfaced” this past Wednesday, 07/08/15.  I figured it was a good idea.  I hoped that the highway department or whoever they contracted with would scape down the surface of the street before applying another layer.  The street height has gotten higher as the curb height in our culdesac has gotten shorter and shorter.  We are a block away from the nearest street drain.  We are now down hill from it and when it rains, the water has no place to go than down my driveway, and if it pours, into my garage.  

Well I wasn’t home to watch the whole process, but it appears that they sent a street cleaner up and down the road a few times, and on went the “resurfacing”.  I would think a better term would be “topping it off”.  When I got home from work, the construction cones blocking the streets were gone, taking this as a sign telling us we could drive back to our homes.  I did think that the surface seemed rougher than other resurfacing finishes.  I’ve been driving for about forty five years and although no expert on the matter, have seen many roads redone.  In fact the road surface by the Smithtown Bull is being re-done and looks much more like what I am used to seeing… a hard resilient surface.  As I slowly drove on Roundtree Drive, I could hear pebbles hit the bottom of my car.  I hoped the road would “cure” over night.  

Thursday morning I found deep tire tracks all over the culdesac.  Thursday is garbage pickup day.  It was obvious to me that the weight of the truck was too much for the new surface, but I could actually make a dent in the surface with just a stick.  This was at least another twelve hours after being allowed to drive our cars over it.  I went to work, but by the time I called the highway department, I had missed their closing hour of 3:30PM.  On Friday I reported it at 7:30AM and was told they would investigate it.  On my way to work I also stopped a town truck and he seemed to have known about my report.  I drove on a number of other streets, ones without the added strain of garbage trucks making “Y” turns on them, and found plenty of uplifted tire marks in them.  

I know that this is the weekend, and maybe I should be patient, but I don’t even think I should walk my dog on the street.  More than two days later, and I just gently rubbed the street surface with the sole of my shoe and pebbles moved around the surface.  What bothers me most, aside from the wasted money, is that I hope they don’t try to fix this by adding another layer on top of this stuff.  Whoever did this should re-do their re-surfacing the right way, at no cost to the taxpayers of Smithtown.

I think our tax dollars are being wasted. 

Sandy Trehy
Roundtree Dr
Kings Park NY


Letter To The Editor - Park And Boat Ramp Rules Should Be Enforced

I have a concern regarding the use of smithtown, resident only parks and boat ramps. I am not sure that anything will be done but I must point out this issue.  Many non residents are using our ramps and parks without purchasing passes. Boat ramps require a ramp pass, and parks require a sticker, or a pass. I know for a fact that people use our parks, and boat ramps all year that are not residents especially after August, with no problem. I am a resident that uses the boat ramps 10 months a year. There are cars and trucks with Brookhaven and other town stickers on them. If the police are checking stickers and passes, then they would see this as well. Are the rules ever enforced? Are these not town resident parks after September? Out of towners come and clam, as well as waterfowl hunt, discharging firearms. If I am required to buy a ramp pass , I need to know why. Is a PBA sticker the only thing needed? These rules are not 3 month rules, but should be for 12 months. If so, lay off the non enforcing officers and save the town taxpayers money or enforce the rules for 12 months.

Nesconset Resident 



Letter To The Editor - Myth Of GOP Financial Responsibility Exposed

Republican Controlled Smithtown Facing Looming Credit Downgrade

Myth of GOP Financial Responsibility is Exposed

SMITHTOWN, NY- At the June 23 Town Board meeting that was not publicized in advance, Town Comptroller Donald Musgnug warned the Board “that a lower credit rating was a possibility” and recommended that “nonessential positions be left vacant.”

“For too long, Republicans have had free reign over the Town budget and have become complacent,” said Smithtown Democratic Chairman Ed Maher. “Now in the era of Governor Cuomo’s tax-cap restrictions, the myth of the GOP being the party of financial responsibility has been exposed.”

“Based on the Comptroller’s report, there are three important issues that should concern every resident of Smithtown,” continued Mr. Maher. “First, taxpayers will likely see a decline in the services they receive as town departments operate with diminished resources. Secondly, the Republican Smithtown government does not believe it can balance the budget without raising taxes.”

“And finally, and perhaps most worrisome to Smithtown homeowners, is the comptroller’s comments concerning the decline in mortgage recording tax revenue,” said Mr. Maher. “The decreased mortgage tax revenue is an indication of lower home sale prices or activity, a disturbing trend that can only be worsened by diminished town services.”

“Comptroller Donald Musgnug said, ‘We have to continue to tighten our belts’,” concluded Chairman Maher, “but in reality, Smithtown wouldn’t be in this predicament today if the All-GOP Town Council actually lived up to its undeserved reputation.”

 Smithtown Democratic Committee


Letter To Editor - Stroke Of Luck


Saturday, June 20th, Madhouse TV Studio’s Stroke of Luck Show guest was Liz Giordano, Executive Director of The Head Injury Association located in Hauppauge, New York.

Liz is responsible for overseeing the entire Head Injury Organization, which includes more than 200 employees who provide care in Nassau and Suffolk 24/7.

She spoke about the HIA and how it was founded by two Long Island families who met in a South Carolina group home while caring for their brain injured sons. They wondered why their children couldn’t be in a New York-based facility closer to home. Together they founded the HIA and opened the first day program and group home for survivors of TBI on Long Island. Their sons, who are now approaching middle age, still go to the HIA day program as they have for more than 20 years.

There are almost as many ways to cause damage to your brain as there are to recognize its extraordinary capabilities.

Dr. Max Gomez, Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and Medical Reporter from WCBS-TV was the call in guest who spoke about “The Healing Cell: How The Greatest Revolution In Medical History Is Changing Your Life”. His discussion was extremely interesting, educational and exciting.

Both Liz Giordano, and Dr. Max Gomez can be viewed on

Judy Marlow-Ratway


Thank You Smithtown For Your Love, Prayers And Support

We would like to thank our neighbors and friends for the outpouring of love and prayer support during this time, in the great loss of the nine members killed in our connectional church, Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church of Charleston, SC.

Trinity Smithtown - Rev. Myrel Bailey-Walton