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Letters To Editor - In A Challenging World Scouting Provides Wonderful Opportunities  

Editor In Chief,

As two Middle School 1st class Boy Scouts, we would like to encourage you to publish inspirational articles about the wonderful opportunities The Boy Scouts of America provides for our youth.  Today’s world is very challenging and our youth feel many pressures that can lead them down the wrong path in life.  Boy Scouts is a fantastic community program that builds character, self esteem and confidence as well as teaching our youth proper social life lessons and decision making skills.

We are honored to be Boy Scouts; especially in todays world where so many young people seem to have lost their direction to respect and proper educate.  I would hate to see a world without Boy Scouts and hope you can publish this letter so that parents can understand how important Boy Scouts is from a kids perspective.  I would also like you to print further articles about all of the wonderful things Boy Scouts has to offer our youth,


Kenneth S. Johansson, 1st Class Scout

Aidan J. Johansson, 1st Class Scout


Letter To Editor - Many Suffering Secondary Trauma After Orlando Help Is Available

I am president of the Suffolk County Citizens Corp Council (FEMA) and the attached documents needs to get into everyone’s hands to help those in need.

While mass shootings like those in Orlando may seem aimed at one population, please remember that any geographic community that has been impacted by random acts of violence may suffer secondary trauma from hearing and seeing the news from Florida. And people from similar demographic communities as those who were targeted in Orlando may be feeling extremely vulnerable right now even if they are hundreds of miles from the incident or have never been to a dance club. This is a great opportunity to test our outreach to those who are within reach. Please keep in mind that it’s almost always safe to remind people about the SAMSHA Disaster Distress Helpline.

Please make the information in the below email and the attached brochure and overview from the DISASTER DISTRESS HELPLINE, and the other disaster recovery resources provided below, available to your patrons, clients, consumers and staff. Thank you.

Finally, please help us reach those who may be experiencing distress from the shootings via your social media accounts by using the following template (which can be adapted as needed):    @Distressline 1-800-985-5990 / text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 offers 24/7 emotional support for anyone in distress after shootings in #Orlando@Distressline 1-800-985-5990 distress warning signs & coping resources following incidents of mass violence http://1.usa.gov/1FoyCwz #Orlando

If you want to be better prepared to help our county in times of emergency: 


Dr. Phil Facquet




Letter To Editor - Help End Hunger At Kings Park HS


Letter To Editor - Steck-Philbin Site Goes To Powercrush, Inc A Sand And Gravel Supplier

It is disappointing to learn of Suffolk County’s selection of Powercrush, Inc. and Vision Associates LLC as the solar developer for the former Steck-Philbin site. It is a disappointment for a number of reasons.  

Powercrush, Inc. is a sand and gravel supplier, not a solar developer. As far as we can tell they have never developed a solar site and are completely unqualified to undertake this task.  It is difficult to ascertain what, exactly, Vision Associates LLC does, as neither they nor Powercrush, Inc. have a website.

Powercrush, Inc. is one of the many shell companies owned by Toby Carlson and operated out of 140 Old Northport Road in Kings Park - all sharing the same phone number (631)368-4000. Other businesses include Carlson Associates, Ketcham Group, Ketcham Transport, Ketcham Farms, Ketcham Container, Ketcham Supply, and so on.

However, it should come as no surprise that Powercrush, Inc. and the various Ketcham entities make significant campaign contributions to local politics. A very brief search yielded nearly $50,000 in “campaign contributions” in recent years (see attached).

Carlson Associates is no stranger to the NYSDEC. They have been fined more than $125,000 for their illegal sand mining activities in the 1990s (see attached) and their legal troubles have continued until as recently as 2013 when they were fined by Smithtown for property violations and flagged for submitting “vague” and “flawed” site plans (see attached Newsday article).

While our FOIL request for the proposal details was wholly denied by the Suffolk County Landbank (see attached), we have learned that Powercrush, Inc. plans to develop the site as a 4-megawatt solar farm and offered Suffolk County no more than $500,000 for the tax lien. 

It may sound like sour grapes, but it is interesting to note that Ecological Engineering, with its more than 10 installed megawatts of experience, had proposed to install Long Island’s first community-owned 6-megawatt solar farm and offered the Suffolk County Landbank nearly $1,000,000 for the tax lien. 

We wish Suffolk County, the Suffolk County Landbank and Powercrush, Inc. all the best in their new partnership. We hope the redevelopment of the site is a great success. 

But I wouldn’t count on it.

-Shawn Nuzzo

Shawn Nuzzo, LEED APPresident

Shawn Nuzzo is President of Ecological Engineering of Long Island

Carlson Associates DEC Violations 1993.pdf

Carlson Associates NEWSDAY.pdf

FOIL denial.pdf

Ketcham donations.pdf

powercrush donations 2.pdf

Powercrush donations.pdf





FYI - Cablevision Customers Entitled To Part Of Class Action Settlement

Readers of Smithtown Matters might be interested in this information.

Cablevision Settles Class Action – Subscribers Entitled to Benefits

Cablevision, one of Long Island’s largest providers of cable television service, has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiffs claimed that certain business practices of the cable service provider resulted in subscribers paying higher prices for Cablevision’s cable TV set-top boxes.

Subject to certain exceptions, the Settlement Class includes all persons in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York who subscribed to Cablevision’s video services and paid a monthly fee to Cablevision to lease a Set-Top Box at any time from April 30, 2004 to March 9, 2016.

The Settlement offers credits for services (ranging between $50-$140 in value) or a one-time bill credit (ranging between $20-$40) to Cablevision’s Current Subscribers. Former Subscribers can get a one-time cash payment (ranging between $20-$40) and other benefits. The final settlement is still subject to approval by a Judge Madeline C. Arleo of the United States District Court in Newark, New Jersey in the case of Marchese v Cablevision Systems Corp. Although a settlement fairness hearing is not scheduled to take place until September 12, 2016, consumers can start filing their claims now using a special website at www.cableboxsettlement.com. The deadline for filing a claim is September 23, 2016.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit claimed that Cablevision violated federal and state laws by requiring its cable TV subscribers to rent a set-top box from Cablevision in order to receive certain video services. Plaintiffs claimed that these practices resulted in subscribers paying higher prices for Cablevision’s cable TV set-top boxes. Cablevision denied the claims and allegations in this lawsuit.  The settlement does not mean that any law was broken or that Cablevision did anything wrong, but both sides in the case believe that this settlement is in everyone’s best interest. Individual subscribers who believe that their interests are not best-served by the settlement do have the right to opt out and pursue their individual claims, but there are strict deadlines to do this, and generally, the amount at stake on an individual basis often does not usually make such litigation worthwhile.

Plaintiffs in the litigation have been represented by Taus, Cebulash & Landau, LLP of New York City. Cablevision has been represented by Ropes & Gray, LLP of Washington, D.C.


David M. Ardam, P.C.

Attorney at Law

Commack, NY 11725-1730