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Please come down to the Smithtown Animal Shelter and meet sweet Zoey!  She is a sweet  7 year old  Border Collie mix, who enjoys going for walks and spending time with people. Zoey is a spunky girl with lots of love to give! Please call 631-360-7575 for more information on Zoey.











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Letter To the Editor - Check Town Code Before You Make Changes

There are  new homeowners in Smithtown who are improving  their yards and  homes. Sometimes they unknowingly  go ahead and make changes that are  against the town code.  Our town  is  particularly  attractive because  our town planners paid attention to  details that are overlooked in  other townships.  The codes help prevent our Township from  looking  like Queens County .

The town  code can be  accessed on the town website but a call to a building dept. advisor will help to verify information  easily.

Sincerely ,

R Ross, Commack 

Town Code


Letter To the Editor - Town Board Wasting Tax Dollars On Dog Whisperer

$50,000 of our tax money for a dog whisperer- what an absurd use of our tax dollars! I’m not even a Republican. Our Town government is. They are supposed to be for small government. If this is a good thing to do, then why isn’t this being sponsored by private funds by people who want this or volunteers. There has to be more important things to use taxpayer money for to help people who need help.

A concerned Smithtown dog owner.


Letter To the Editor - Legislator Kennedy Calls Out Pat Vecchio Over Snarky Comment

Dear Supervisor Vecchio, 

In response to your snarky comment regarding my lack of attendance at a political endorsement event please note that I support honest, republican, conservative, independent candidates for every office. We as a town and county deserve individuals, who work full time representing us, take an active role in all aspects of our communities, poll our citizenry on issues of grave importance and have the strength, good judgment, and moral fiber to make decisions that sometimes are solomonesque.

For your information, at 12 noon on the day of your press conference, I left my work on a difficult operating budget to attend a 2 week old commitment to a local chamber of commerce for a ribbon cutting at a local business. As you are aware, small businesses are the rocks of our communities, keep our taxes in check and in these difficult times, need our support. I will never feel that politics takes precedent over the peoples benefit. As to the insinuation that I need direction from a party leader or official, no, that is not the case and never will be. I sought the office of county legislator because I truly care about the future of my towns and know from experience that decisions made today effect generations.  My decisions are made with careful thought. 

I also question why you did not choose to attack another official who was not present at your event due to work obligations, but the answer is painfully clear. 

Pat, I agree with 90% of your decisions that keep the township of Smithtown economically stable but I expect that you rise above the fray during “silly season”. The people will choose their councilperson and if they are interested in my choice they can certainly call me and I will discuss the pros and cons of each candidate. In the meantime, I will continue to do the job that I was elected to do.

Very truly yours

Leslie Kennedy, Suffolk County Legislator 12th Legislative District 

(At the press conference endorsing Lisa Inzerillo Supervisor Vecchio noted Legislator Kennedy’s absence.)


Letter to the Editor - Support Smithtown Special Library District's 2016 Budget

CSEA Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Suffolk Local 852, Unit 8349 endorses the passage of the 2016 budget for the Smithtown Special Library District.
Of course it does, you say: the union, which represents the 100-plus full- and part-time Civil Service employees of the Smithtown Library, has a vested interest in the budget passing.
True enough. Like working people everywhere, library employees have bills to pay and families to care for. A failed budget vote could mean reduced hours or lost jobs for employees due to reduced library hours and service to the community. Union employees are not tax grabbers or highly-paid political appointees. We earn no more than our neighbors with comparable educational and job requirements, and many earn less. No union member works at a public library to get rich.
But safeguarding jobs and families is not the sole motivating factor in endorsing this budget. Most of our members pursued a career in library work because they have a commitment to public service and appreciate the value of a good public library to this or any community.
Good public libraries don’t come free. It takes money to stock, staff, and maintain a public library. Still, all things considered, your public library is the community’s best educational, cultural, and recreational value. Does that sound self-serving? It isn’t. Library employees are taxpayers, too. Like everyone else, we demand value for our money and we scrutinize where our tax dollars go. And we know how little of that tax money, percentage-wise, goes to public libraries. 
Ultimately we know that it is the public’s satisfaction with the service they receive on each visit to the library in person or online at the library’s website throughout the year upon which rests the outcome of any budget vote. The union employees of the Smithtown Special Library District take pride in delivering the best service they can with the resources with which they are provided. From supervisors and schedule-makers to those who check out books, DVDs and CDs with a smile and a friendly word; to those who go the extra mile to track down a rare book or article or to provide help downloading an e-book; to those who instill the joy of reading in our youngest patrons; to those who catalog and process a steady stream of new materials, keep the ledgers, pay the bills, and keep our buildings and equipment clean, safe and working properly, every member of the employees’ union cares about the work they do and the quality of service they provide. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, even in the internet age, public libraries are busier than ever. Come by any weekend or weekday after school and check it out. It should be evident that all of us, employees and community residents alike, are best served by the passage of a fair and responsible library budget.
The 2016 library budget vote will be held at all four branches - Smithtown, Commack, Kings Park and Nesconset - from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13. Please join us in voting “yes.”
Richard Riis, President
CSEA Suffolk Local 852, Unit 8349
The Smithtown Library – Commack Branch
3 Indian Head Road
Commack, New York 11725



Letter To Editor - Editorial Not A Masterpiece

Dear Pat - Thank you for the inspiring and perceptive editorial. It does not however give an endorsement. There is only one candidate, Lisa Inzerillo, who takes your position, not with the empty words of a jaded and conflicted professional politician but with the fresh hopes of a Smithtown homeowner who is looking to keep Smithtown beautiful for her young children (and safe, peaceful and not overly dense). Honesty, integrity and lack of conflict are also important issues. Lisa is far away the only candidate out of the three that Smithtown can trust, given the record of Creighton-Wehrheim. Lisa’s record of community involvement and her personal history  deserve praise and not just the negative focus given to one campaign mailer. Sure, there should have been a debate, maybe the candidates should have done more in that regard, but a free and open press also has a role; it can elicit interviews, ask questions and get out the facts.

Your current editorial is nice. Everyone will agree that Smithtown should be beautiful.  However in the past you did much better than give “nice” opinions.  Your past editorials were magnificent and moving. They were a battle cry to rally Smithtown when it was almost taken over by a corrupt self serving bunch. You helped save Smithtown.  I respectfully believe that unlike your past masterpieces, this editorial needs lots of pepper, spice and a healthy dose of spicy salsa. You can inspire us again with a dash of humor, a spoonful of cutting wit and healthy helping of fearless candor. 

Best Regards

Ron Weiss 

Editor’s note -  Smithtown Matters does not make endorsements. I will try harder to make future editorials a little more interesting.