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Letter To Editor: St.James Chamber Member Self Appointed PIO Or Town Crier?

Dear Editor:

As a St. James resident, I’ve been energized by the work of the Community Association of Greater St. James. The impact of this volunteer organization, through a host of wildly successful events, has captured the imagination of the community and renewed a sense of hope and enthusiasm for our town. 

It’s for these reasons I’m troubled by the great lengths local business owner and St. James Chamber of Commerce member, Mr. William Garthe, has gone to in order to block the ability of the St. James Summer Nights event to make a simple change to the conditions of a permit and continue in its current successful location and format. The initial proposal for the location of these events was made without the luxury of hindsight nor an understanding of the resounding success they would be. Mr. Garthe himself is a business owner, so I trust that I don’t need to explain to him that undertaking these events entails a calculated risk.  

Equally troubling is that beyond speaking out against St. James Summer Nights successful location at a recent town hall hearing, Mr. Garthe has anointed himself the town’s de-facto public information officer and is visiting local businesses to hand-hold and spoon feed information about the dates the Town Council plans to vote on upcoming initiatives the Community Association is planning. In his letter he states the association has  “the responsibility to inform those who will be impacted by or negatively inconvenienced by the event.” If Mr. Garthe is so concerned about new fangled means of communication such as the Internet to do just that, may I suggest he also consider taking on the role of town crier and stand in the middle of Lake Avenue on a daily basis to inform the masses of the Community Association’s evil plots. 

Please allow me to state I believe Mr. Garthe to be a man of character and integrity. He has worked hard for this community and I would be remiss to not call attention to his positive efforts. It is however, with this in mind that I am that much more disappointed that he is the driving force of opposition against these successful programs. This pathetic attempt to strangle progress with red tape is ridiculous and quite frankly, pathetic. 

I encourage Mr. Garthe to bring his thoughts and opinions to the next general meeting of the Community Association instead of grandstanding in Town Hall in an effort to play politics. I assure him the seat next to me will be open and I welcome the opportunity to have an open dialogue about what we can do to move forward not backwards.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Weiss

Community Association of Greater St. James Member 


Letter To Editor - Good Samaritans Jason Benson And John Gannon Rescue Swimmers At Bluff

I put this in the Moms group but feel like I should share here too…

Today my mom and Jeremy witnessed three boys almost drown off the Kings Park dock
As you can likely guess Jeremy was fishing up there, 4 teenagers approached and a man on the dock warned the boys there was a strong current and not to swim. The 4 boys drove in anyway. Three were swept away by the current …thankfully a boat, the only boat nearby, heard the people on the docks screaming.

The boater, these Good Samaritans saved three boys this evening. They also got the 4th boy who swam to a island out in the water 

We are so lucky to live by the water but it can be dangerous. If an adult warns of a current especially in a marked no swim zone I hope going forward children will listen

I have been informed that Jason Benson and John Gannon were the Good Samaritans; true heroes!

Denise Milano Sprung


Letter To Editor - Zeldin's Nothingburger A Trumpster Meatball

To the Editor:

When Is A Meatball Not A Meatball?

A No-No is an often childish, but gentle, reproof that a particular action is discouraged, such as sneaking a meatball before dinner after mommy has warned against it.

A social blunder is farting in public.

A faux pas is a mistake in a social situation, such as calling the President of the United States by his first name instead of “Mr. President.”

Representative Lee Zeldin referred to the news of Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, who he believed was going to release damaging information on Hillary Clinton in order to promote his father’s presidential campaign, as “A Big Nothingburger.”   The Trump team denied that any such meeting took place until Trump Jr. released the emails proving that he and they had been lying all along.  

Such behavior has been deemed “beyond the pale,” criminal, and possibly “treasonous.’  But, how did our very own Trumpster meatball, Lee Zee, describe the emails, the lying, the meeting?  I voted for @POTUS last Nov. & want him & USA to succeed, but that meeting, given that email chain just released, is a big no-no.”  

A Big No-No? No longer a Nothingburger?  Not even a blunder or a faux pas?  Now it’s been raised to the same category as noshing a forbidden meatball.   

What will it take for Zeldin to close down the Trump Garbage Dump when he can’t even clean his own greasy fingers?

Ruth A Cohen

Letter To Editor - White House Not Health Care Is The Place To Look For Deficit Reduction


To The Editor:

Some things are cheap, and not worth it.
Some things are expensive, and not worth it. 
Some things are expensive, if valued only in terms of money rather than compassion and need, but are well worth it.  
So it is with health care. 

The Congressional Budget Office projected that the current Republican bill to repeal and replace major parts of Obamacare will lead to 22 million fewer Americans with health insurance coverage by 2026 if it becomes law.  If you are a Zeldin constituent, you may have received an email* in which he congratulates himself  for saving taxpayer dollars by voting for Trumpcare, but spares not a word for the number of people who will lose health care, some of whom will die as a result.
Call Zeldin’s office at 631-289-1097 (LI) or 202-225-3826 (DC) and remind him that the deficit could also be reduced if the Trump family had been living exclusively in the White House, and if his other children and relatives refrained from costly vacations and personal business travel on the public dime for Secret Service, local police protection and other expenses. At the rate they are going, if Trump remains in office for two terms, the trips to Mar-a-Lago alone would cost over $800 million in public funds (Vanity Fair, April 11, 2017). 

Tell Zeldin we can also save money if we close libraries and schools, stop building roads and bridges (wait, wait, we are doing that already), and let sick people die in the streets while we give tax breaks to the ultra-rich, and line the pockets of the military-industrial complex and too-big-to-fail companies and banks.

Remember when Trump said he was going to drain the swamp? He and his family are slobbering in the mud. Shame on Lee Zeldin for supporting this sorry excuse for a president. I guess this is the America that Lee wants, but he is not the Member of Congress that we want.

Ruth A Cohen


Letter To Editor - Alexander Hamilton Wouldn't Qualify For Trump's Cabinet


To the Editor:

Donald Trump’s favorite book is The Bible.  Proverbs 22.2, which states “The rich and poor meet: The Eternal is the Maker of them all,”   can be construed as meaning that the rich man usually thinks he attained his wealth because of his brilliance, while the poor are generally looked down upon as ne’er-do-wells who cannot succeed because of a lack of ability. However, when the rich and poor happen to be together, one can in most cases see that the poor man is no less intelligent than the rich one.

Research performed by Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California–Berkeley has shown that wealthy people are more likely to lie, cheat at games and even take candy from a baby.  “They are more likely to make unethical decisions that maximize their own self-interest at the expense of other people,” Keltner said, adding that wealthy people often use ideology to justify those choices. “You put a rich person in charge of the economy, and they’re going to change the tax structure to benefit them.”

When Donald Trump was assembling his Cabinet last winter, criteria for his nominees included lack of experience in their new jobs, contempt for the agencies they were to lead, and overwhelming wealth.  When Donald Trump told a rally in Iowa that “I just don’t want a poor person” running the economy”, he probably forgot, or never knew, that the mind behind the original American economic system was Alexander Hamilton, America’s first Treasury secretary, and the poorest of the Founding Fathers. Hamilton was born with almost nothing and died with so little that his family had to take up a collection to bury him.  

 When the Constitution was written, only white male property owners (about 10 to 16 percent of the nation’s population) had the vote.   In 2017, Republicans still keep trying to obstruct voting and government participation by minorities and Democrats.    They  embody this quote by  F. Scott Fitzgerald:  “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”    If, heaven forbid, they prevail, I foresee a profitable future in knee breeches, cod pieces, and wigs.

Ruth Cohen, Lake Grove