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 People in the News


People In The News - Pauline Zunno Celebrates 102nd Birthday

Twin Ponds Senior Citizen Club Installs New Officers and Celebrates Pauline Zunno’s 102nd Birthday!

Pauline Zunno and Supervisor Patrick VecchioPauline Zunno - click on photo to enlargeNew officers installed at recent club meeting as they celebrated a special milestone!

Organized in 1984, the Twin Ponds Senior Citizens Club recently installed new officers.  Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and Program Director Laura Greif presided over the swearing in ceremony.

Josephine DeGregoria was installed as President, Pauline Zunno as 1st Vice President, Lorraine Vaccari as Treasurer and Mary Poulos as Recording Secretary. 

The club also celebrated the 102nd birthday of Pauline Zunno!  Pauline, who was born in NYC and lived for many years on Fire Island before moving to Smithtown, enjoys an active social life. Pauline explained “If the snow stays away I plan to celebrate my birthday in Port Jefferson this weekend with family and friends.”

Twin Ponds meets at 12pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Fairfield Clubhouse in St. James.  New members are always welcome!


Margaret Tusa Presents Psychology Research At Mount Saint Mary College


Mount students share psychology research

Margaret Tusa of Saint James, N.Y. presents her research.NEWBURGH, N.Y. – January 2015 – From the effects of speech therapy on self-esteem to the effect of irrelevant factors on taste quality of water, a dozen Mount Saint Mary College students recently detailed their semester-long psychology research.

According to Yasmine Kalkstein, assistant psychology professor and instructor of the Psychology Senior Research Seminar, Mount senior psychology majors spend much of their semester researching their chosen topic. All students cite approximately 20 peer-reviewed papers in their presentations.

Students presenting were James Breese of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; Sarah Schwadron of Middletown, N.Y.; Ramona Yizar of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; Alexandra Perosi of Staten Island, N.Y.; Megan Bekel of Elmont, N.Y.; Alanna Gallagher of Glendale, N.Y.; Marisa Gustafson of Monroe, N.Y.; Tiffany Minto of Jackson Heights, N.Y.; Julia Mosley of Selkirk, N.Y.; Maria Obermeyer of Huguenot, N.Y.; Margaret Tusa of Saint James, N.Y.; and Ashley Woodin of Pawling, N.Y.

For more information, www.msmc.edu


Smithtown Native David DiVona Making His Mark With Proven Entertainment Developmint

Entertainment industry veterans launch Proven Entertainment Development to find the next small screen hit

Multiple Emmy award-winning producer of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has made developing and selling programming easy 

LOS ANGELES – Jan. 14, 2015 – Multi-Emmy award winning reality television mogul Conrad Ricketts (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Fear Factor”) has teamed up with Producer David DiVona (“Tattoo Turnaround and The Last Adventure”) and William Howe, former host of the Playboy Channel and creator of “Bars Pubs and Grub” to create what promises to be one of the brightest development companies. Proven Entertainment Developmint is a strong, direct link from the creative minds who birth concepts, to all of the major networks both on television as well as on the ever-changing second screen of online digital content with heavy hitters such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu at the helm. Having sold one of Hulu’s biggest shows, “Sons of the Fallen,” Ricketts has been intimately involved in developing web content since the inception of the space.

David DiVona | Producer Producer of The Last Adventure on the Travel Channel, Tattoo Turnaround, and show runner on over 30 shows.Proven Entertainment is made up of a powerhouse trio of a seasoned television vet, an on-air personality & creative guru and a hungry cutting edge producer. Conrad L Ricketts | Producer Conrad is a multiple Emmy Award Winning producer. He has has worked on a wide range of projects including Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Fear Factor, Sons of the Fallen and Tattoo Turn Around.Ricketts and DiVona  have worked together on over a dozen reality-based programs and are excited to team up with the creative force of Howe (center). The group has all the tools at their disposal to develop and sell the next generation of engaging television. All the ingredients are there to make this the go-to company for pitching and selling the next generation of television.

The group will filter through the hundreds of ideas they get every week and let the standout concepts work their way on to screens around the world. DiVona stated, “Not every idea brought to us is going be to embraced and we will not risk our well-earned William Howe | Managing Partner Created and sold Bars, Pubs & Grub to a major network, and also has several projects in the hopper, with over 20 years of experience.reputation by taking on every client that comes in front of us. If we feel an idea will sell, our team will develop it, if not, then the partners are going to be up front and turn them away.”

Proven Entertainment will make the entire process, from concept, one-sheets and sizzle reels, all the way through to pitching full decks to their overflowing rolodex of decision makers, easily navigated so that the programs that belong in front of viewers, get their shot.

For more information, please visit http://www.provenentertainment.com



The Newest Fitzpatrick Meets Cardinal Dolan 

L-R Michael Edward Fitzpatrick, Katelyn Ann Fitzpatrick,Corina Fitzpatrick-Rosario, Cardinal Dolan with Declan Paul Fitzpatrick Rosario, Jose Miguel RosarioDeclan Paul Fitzpatrick Rosario (grandson of Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick) was born in Manhattan, New York on Friday, November 7th, 2014 and was baptized on Saturday, December 20th, 2014 by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In the photo celebrating his baptism were his parents Jose Miguel Rosario and Corina Fitzpatrick-Rosario and his Godparents, Katelyn Ann Fitzpatrick and Michael Edward Fitzpatrick.


People In The News - Smithtown Goes To Cuba With Elaine Turley

By Chris Biancaniello

Smithtown resident Elaine Turley recently returned from visiting Cuba with the League of Women Voters (LWV) program Sisters Across the Staights*. Elaine Turley a League of Women Voters member is an attorney practicing Elder Law and Estate Planning. She is also a former chairperson of the Smithtown Democratic Committee. Elaine made a scheduled presentation to Smithtown LWV members about her October trip to Cuba on Dec. 17, 2014, the same day President Obama made his announcement about establishing relations with the small Caribbean country. 

For those with an interest in travel, Cuba seems to be a dream destination. Pristine beaches, and an intense history with the United States makes the country both beautiful and historically relevant for Americans. But, for U.S. citizens, travel to Cuba is difficult. Though President Obama’s recent move to establish relations with Cuba should certainly make travel easier going forward, very few Americans get the opportunity to visit this mysterious country. Elaine Turley, a Fort Salonga resident, recently had the opportunity to visit the outcast country that sits just 90 miles off the cost of Key West.

The League of Women Voters project Sisters Across the Straights provides the opportunity for involved citizens to travel to Cuba,  according to their website, “The aim is to end decades of isolation by building trust and improving relations among people.” Turley traveled with League of Women Voters members from locations ranging from Colorado to Alabama. Traveling with an experienced group like Sisters Across The Staights  enabled Turley to get a good sense of both Cuba’s beauty and the level of poverty faced by Cuban citizens.

Asked what surprised about her visit to Cuba? Turley said “I was surprised mostly by the decay of the beautiful old buildings due to lack of funds to invest in infrastructure.” Cuba is known as a location lost in time,  many of their cars and buildings were built in the 50’s they have much historical value, as well as incredible deterioration. In her presentation to the LWV members Elaine showed a slide show that included cars that are older than our president. Buildings that were once opulent and elegant have deteriorated almost beyond repair. In one slide of the Hotel Nacional De Cuba (brought back memories for some audience members who visited Cuba in the late 50’s)  there was a fountain that is still standing but no longer able to contain water. Totally inoperable and yet it has not been removed.

She was also able to openly converse with Cubans about their rights and freedoms, “I had a conversation with a group of Cuban people who were very curious about our right to express our ideas openly (freedom of speech) and who had a very difficult time understanding this concept that is such a fundamental part of our experience as Americans.” She also engaged in coversation about elections and democracy and expressed her sense of amazement that the people didn’t seem to see a difference in their elections and the ones we have in the U.S..

Given our history with Cuba since Fidel Castro gained power in 1959, it comes as no surprise that there are a Americans who do not believe we should establish a relationship with Cuba. Turley empathizes with them and understands their reasons, but she also says “The people of Cuba have hope that the opening of economic relations between our countries will bring greater prosperity to the individual citizens of Cuba and I am hopeful that they are right.  The people I met were industrious, resourceful, generous, kind people and I would like very much to see our nation help these individuals acquire and develop the tools they need to become more prosperous.” She anticipates that the free exchange of information will be equally as pertinent as the economic interest at hand, and hopes it will create the sort of social changes that the U.S. has been striving to make in Cuba for years.

Despite the recent move, travel restrictions will still be imposed on Cuba. Without congressional approval, U.S. citizens will still be barred from spending money in Cuba. That being said, Sisters Across the Straits will continue to offer a Cuban travel experience to interested League members, as for the future of Cuba, Turley has high hopes saying, “The Cubans I met seemed happy, hopeful and resourceful – proud of their heritage and their country, but hopeful that the economic situation will improve for them in the future.  The natural environment is astoundingly beautiful and I hope that as the economy moves towards capitalism there is restraint on development so that the natural beauty is preserved.”

*The article was amended to reflect that Sisters Across the Straits is a League of Women Voters program.