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April at Sunken Meadow





Jay Townsend In Opposition To Mosque

Cornwall – - Jay Townsend, the Republican and endorsed Conservative candidate for US Senate against Chuck Schumer, today released a copy of his letter to Senator Schumer asking that the Senator join him in opposition to the construction of a Mosque and Islamic Center overlooking Ground Zero. (Text Below)

July 6, 2010
Hon Charles E Schumer
757 Third Avenue
Suite 17-02
New York, New York 10017
Sent via fax to 212-486-7693

Dear Senator Schumer:

During the last few months you have held press conferences/issued press releases on a variety of topics, including the dangers of using sunscreen, how face book handles its data, airplane baggage fees and a letter you penned to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke about bank fees.

Yet you have been strangely silent on a matter that is of deep concern to many New Yorkers; the proposed construction of an Islamic Center and Mosque near ground zero. A recent poll shows that New York City voters, by an almost 2- to-1 ratio, oppose the plan by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Chairman of the Cordoba Initiative.

I side with the families of the victims, and the thousands of those who risked their lives to save them, who find the construction of the Mosque at Ground Zero highly insensitive. I have asked Imam Rauf to reconsider his plans out of respect for the victims and those who lost loved ones. (Text of letter to Imam Rauf)

The issue, Senator, is not one of religious freedom; it is one of timing and sensitivity to the memory of those lost, and to the families and friends who still vividly recall the horrors of that day in the most personal and tragic way.

Yesterday, New York’s Governor and gubernatorial candidates made clear their position on construction of the Mosque. I side with those who oppose construction of the Mosque and ask that you join me in asking Imam Rauf to cease with his plans.


Jay Townsend, Candidate

United States Senate


Decision to Challenge for Conservative Line 

Decision to Challenge for Conservative Line Propels Aggressive Grassroots Campaign

SMITHTOWN, NY — Responding to published reports regarding changes in campaign personnel, Chris Cox (R), candidate for Congress in New York's 1st Congressional District, issued the following statement:

“In preparation for the upcoming September Primaries for the Republican and Conservative Party ballot lines, our Congressional campaign team is shifting some personnel.  This shift will allow our team to move from the initial organizational phase to a more tactical phase.

“We have put in place the necessary systems and technologies to win a highly targeted congressional race. This first phase has focused on listening to the priorities of Suffolk County voters, and now it is time to harness the overwhelming grassroots support we have already developed including the support of the Suffolk County 9-12 Project.

“Our sole goal is to unseat the liberal Democratic incumbent who remains out of step with the people of his district.

“From my own work on behalf of fellow local Republicans such as Lee Zeldin and Tim Mazzei, it’s clear that the old adage is still true -- all politics is local -- even in 2010.”


FEMA Funding For Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Program


As FEMA Prepares Funding Awards for Report To Congress, Schumer Urges Administrator Fugate to Fully Fund Nassau and Suffolk for Full $4 Million – Long Island Program Could Serve as a National Model for Volunteer Fire Departments 

Landmark Program Used as a Recruiting Tool – If a Student at any Nassau or Suffolk College Joins a Volunteer Fire or EMS Squad They Can Receive Nearly $4,000 per Year to Cover Tuition

Schumer: Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Assistance Program a Win-Win-Win for Nassau – Recruit More First Responders to Keep Communities Safe, Help Middle Class Families Pay for College, and Ease Pressure on Local Budgets

Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced that Nassau and Suffolk County have been chosen to receive federal funding to create an incentive for college students to sign up as volunteer firefighters across Long Island and is urging FEMA to recommend full funding of $4 million for the program.  Both Nassau and Suffolk Counties have qualified and been chosen for FEMA’s SAFER grant award for volunteer firefighter recruitment, Schumer said.  Schumer urged Administrator Fugate to fund each County at their full grant request of $1.6 million for Nassau and $2.5 million for Suffolk.  

The funding will help support and expand Nassau and Suffolk County’s volunteer firefighter tuition assistance program. Under the program, any student enrolled at a college in Nassau or Suffolk County who joins up with a participating volunteer fire or EMS squad could receive thousands of dollars toward tuition. To qualify for tuition assistance, the applicant must be a new or active member in a volunteer fire department or EMS squad, be accepted for enrollment in a college in Nassau or Suffolk County, and maintain a solid grade point average. Both counties have authorized the creation of the program, but both are unfunded due to the budget shortfalls. The funding Schumer is calling for from the federal fire grant program will help get the programs moving.  Over the course of the last few months, Schumer has met and spoke directly with FEMA Administrator Fugate to highlight the importance of these recruiting grants for Long Island. 

“This funding will help recruit a new wave of local fire fighters and first responders to keep our communities safe, will help middle class families pay for college, and it will ease the burden on local taxpayers by encouraging more people to volunteer,” Schumer said. “By providing students with an incentive to volunteer as a firefighter or an EMS worker, we will not only be taking a financial burden off of the students backs, but we will also be helping Nassau and Suffolk County during these tough economic times.” 

"Our firefighters, EMS, and auxiliary police not only put themselves in danger to protect us, but also act with selfless dedication," said Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano.  "I thank Senator Schumer for working to obtain the necessary funds to provide tuition assistance to our emergency volunteers while enhancing recruitment and retention efforts."

For the program, an applicant must be a resident of Nassau or Suffolk County and be a new or active member in a volunteer fire department or EMS squad, be accepted for enrollment as a matriculated student, either part time or full time, in a college in Nassau or Suffolk County, and maintain a passing grade as determined by that college.  If the applicant maintains these standards and has been accepted into the program, they shall be eligible to be reimbursed for their college tuition in an amount not to exceed that rate for the local community college.  This rate is currently $1,811 per semester in Nassau and $1,788 per semester in Suffolk.  The Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Department and Nassau County Office of Emergency Management will be the administrators of the programs and will last for four years. 

In 2009 the Nassau County legislature unanimously authorized the Nassau County office of Emergency Management to create a recruitment and retention program for volunteer emergency workers.  Specified in the local law is a program for College Tuition Reimbursement. It also authorized the application for grant funds to achieve this program.  This program was modeled after the existing and highly successful Suffolk County program. 

The Suffolk County program, previously funded in 2006 with a SAFER recruitment grant, showed remarkable results in bringing young people into the volunteer fire departments.  When SAFER funded Recruitment initiatives began to roll-out in 2007, Suffolk experienced an amazing rate of 7 prospective volunteers entering into the program daily.  However, this annual rate of 2,500 new volunteers per year declined when the funding expired.  The inability of Nassau or Suffolk County to fund the program presented the very real possibility of continued declines in the number of volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel.  Like many local governments, both Counties have faced back-breaking budget gaps with the recent downturn in the economy.  

Because of the overall cost of living in Long Island and the high taxes, many people work multiple jobs and most traditional families have two wage earners.  This has resulted in a decrease in the overall volunteerism in Long Island and has especially hit the volunteer fire and EMS services hard.  In January 2006, Nassau County had a total active volunteer firefighter force of 9,479.  Since that time the active volunteer firefighter force has shrunk by 1.8% to a total of 9,311 as of January 2009.  

During normal working hours many departments in Long Island are finding it more and more difficult to get members to turn out for calls; this is especially true for EMS calls.  This appears to be because of two major factors.  First, because of the proximity from Long Island to Manhattan, many volunteer firefighters commute to jobs in New York City and are physically unable to respond, and second, because many of the younger firefighter have had to leave the Island due to the high cost of living.  

The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER) was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations in order to help them increase the number of trained, "front line" firefighters available in their communities. The goal of SAFER is to enhance the local fire departments' abilities to comply with staffing, response and operational standards established by the NFPA and OSHA.


Levy - Financial Disclosure Filing 


Hauppauge, NY – A second leading state ethics authority today has concurred that Suffolk Executive Steve Levy satisfied the county’s local financial disclosure filing requirements by filing the New York State disclosure form – a form he is required by state law to file as a member of the Pine Barrens Commission.

According to Bruce Ginsberg, Executive Director and General Counsel of the New York State Public Integrity Commission:

Both General Municipal Law §§811((1)(b) and 812(1)(f) permit a local government official who is required by Public Officers Law §73-a to file an annual statement of financial disclosure with the Commission on Public Integrity  to satisfy a financial disclosure requirement imposed by a local government by timely filing the State financial disclosure form with the Commission and submitting a copy to the appropriate local government entity. 

Ginsberg echoed the opinion of Mark Davies, who served as Executive Director of the Temporary New York State Commission on Local Government Ethics at the time Suffolk adopted its local code that the county executive need only file a copy of his New York State financial disclosure report with the Suffolk County Board of Ethics. Levy is required by state law to file the state form as a sitting member of the Pine Barrens Commission, a state agency.


Good bye Fourth of July - Hello Summer!




Photos were taken at Sunken Meadow Beach at 7pm on July 5th.  The end of the three day, Fourth of July weekend.  There were hundreds of people walking the boardwalk, playing on the beach, flying kites, playing soccer and just enjoying the wonderful weather.