Flanagan Proposes Law To Help DMV Employees Conflicted By Green Light Law
Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 7:52PM

Long Island, NY — Senate Republican Leader John J. Flanagan, unveiled a new piece of legislation to safeguard state Department of Motor Vehicle employees who yield to federal immigration law over conflicting state law known as the “Green Light Law”  which condones illegal immigration.

The new bill comes as the  New York law to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants faces legal challenges from county clerks and refusals from upstate county clerks to implement it. State employees would be required to verify foreign identification.

“Democrats in Albany didn’t yield to the will of the people who overwhelmingly oppose this bad policy that puts our state Department of Motor Vehicles employees in the awful predicament of choosing between whether to abide by federal law or to issue a state license to an illegal immigrant. It should not be up to our DMV workers to ferret out potentially fraudulent foreign documents that can open up our voting system to abuse, and if they feel uncomfortable with doing so they should not fear being fired. This legislation would protect our employees who act in good faith to follow federal law instead of abetting illegal behavior,” said Senate Republican Leader Flanagan.

The legislation permits an employee to hire an attorney to defend themselves in the event of any civil actions taken against them by the state. It would also protect the employee if they took action in good faith, and would prevent termination if their actions were in line with federal law.

The Green Light Law  allows illegal immigrants to provide foreign documentation, without a social security number, to obtain driver’s licenses. 

The law also prevents any data sharing with immigration related enforcement to shield immigrants from the federal law. 




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