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Letter To Editor - LCV Gives Zeldin A 9% Environmental Rating

To the Editor: 

In an effort to burnish his image with East End voters Congressman Lee Zeldin has taken out a full page ad in some local papers. I would like to address some of his claims. 

Claim: Mr. Zeldin has been “safeguarding our environment.” Fact: Mr. Zeldin has one of the worst environmental records in Congress. The non-partisan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has given him a grade of 9%, one of the lowest in Congress. Contributing to this low rating are his votes to reverse clean air rules and to block the Clean Water Rule, which protects the drinking water of one in three Americans. And Mr. Zeldin’s vote for an amendment cutting the EPA budget by $1.9 billion does not sound like “safeguarding our environment” to me. 

Claim: Mr. Zeldin has been “supporting our veterans.” Fact: As a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, he skipped 65% of the committee’s hearings in 2015. In 2017 he abandoned Veterans Affairs for Financial Services, which presides over the bank, insurance, securities and housing industries, from which he has received millions in donations. Which might explain why Mr. Zeldin voted “No” on a bill preserving our veterans’ right to sue if their mortgages violate anti-predatory lending laws. The bill was designed to also protect vets from brokers who get bonuses for selling them unaffordable mortgages. With his vote Mr. Zeldin put the interests of financial predators ahead of those of our vets. 

Claim: Mr. Zeldin has been working on “repairing our nation’s infrastructure.” Fact: Our nation’s infrastructure is starting to resemble that of a third world country. Mr. Zeldin and his fellow Republicans have controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress for two years. They have failed to come up with legislation to address this problem, opting instead to give huge tax 

cuts to multi-national corporations and billionaires. (Said tax cuts, by the way, have resulted in increased corporate profits with minuscule pay raises for workers, while raising the deficit to unsustainable levels.) 

Claim: Mr. Zeldin has been working at “improving healthcare in America.” Fact: Mr. Zeldin voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act which provides health insurance to thousands of his constituents. Mr. Zeldin and his fellow Republicans offered no replacement plan, apparently unconcerned with the pain and suffering the loss of insurance would cause for millions of our fellow Americans. If you have a pre-existing condition, a son or daughter you need to keep on your health plan, or are unable to afford needed medicines, you should be very concerned with Mr. Zeldin’ws record on health care. 

I have no faith that Mr. Zeldin is fighting for me in Congress. That is why I am voting for Perry Gershon on Nevember 6. 

John Neely
Westhampton Beach, New York 

P. S. I am a former member of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee. 

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