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Letter To Editor - Zeldin's Environmental Record 

The 1st Congressional District on the East End of Long Island is more dependent on the environment than many other places.  We are surrounded by water, with agriculture, fishing and tourism major sources of revenue.  Clean water, clean air, unpolluted beaches and farm and marine produce, fish, oysters and clams  free from contaminants are an economic necessity in addition to being  health and safety priorities.

Lee Zeldin supported withdrawal from the International Climate Accords. He voted to cut funds for the EPA (HR 492 & 354).  He voted to cut funds for clean water projects (HR492). He voted to undermine National Oceans Policy that ensures ocean health for fisherman and all of us who swim and eat fish (HR 3043. Zelda voted to limit criminal prosecution of polluters (HR 482). From 2015 through 2017 Zeldin voted for anti-environment legislation 28 times - that is 95% of the time.  So far in 2018 his record is worse. He voted 21 times for anti environment legislation with only one pro vote.

Zeldin says he opposes off-shore drilling in the waters off his district.  He does not, however,  oppose off-shore drilling any place else in the U.S.  That means he is not opposed to off-shore oil drilling in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey or even Nassau County.  Any fisherman or person who lived through oil spills in Alaska, California and the Gulf of Mexico will tell you the damage from an oil spill to water, wildlife, tourism and quality of life is not limited by Congressional district boundaries.

And regarding Plum Island, despite all of Zeldin’s talk, the fact is the date for the sale of Plum Island remains 2023 - unchanged.

For the health of our children and grandchildren; for cleaner air and water and for the economic welfare of our communities I am voting for Perry Gershon and not for Lee Zeldin.

Susan F. Bloom

Reader Comments (2)

We are regular visitors to the North Fork from New Jersey. We prefer the beaches on the Sound and on the bay to going down the shore, and we return home from summer and autumn trips with vegetables from farm stands and Sang Lee. I had no idea your congressman was so cavalier with the economic heart of his district. Yikes!
Wed, October 24, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterK. Gevirtz
Because Ms. Bloom mentioned legislation by its H.R. (House of Representatives) number (in the U.S. Senate it would have an "S." number), I'd like to point out that there is a website where people can see details about various legislation, who sponsored it, who co-sponsored it, where the Bill is in the legislative process, and etc. at: https://www.govtrack.us/

Once in a while, I'll check Congressman Zeldin's claims of introducing (sponsoring), co-sponsoring, or voting for various pieces of legislation and I've found he's rarely completely truthful and, often completely wrong about his role in, purpose of, or the outcome of that legislation. I do the same for our U.S. Senators and find there's occasionally some exaggeration on the legislative impact but no out-right misrepresentations of fact; especially in regards to sponsorship, co-sponsorship, or whether or not the Bill became law.

When Congressman Zeldin claims (ie. via facebook) to have recently "co-sponsored" and "helped pass" a piece of legislation and I read, on govtrack, that he didn't co-sponsor it and it died in committee (sometimes in a previous session of Congress), well, one has to wonder if he is the right person for the job.

While I'm at it, I'd like to point out that very few members of Congress are able to introduce and get legislation passed. This is especially true for members of Congress belonging to the minority party or those who don't develop collaborative relationships. Sponsoring legislation that becomes law should not be a major factor in whether or not an elected representative is seen as making a difference; but those who accomplish such things have accomplished something significant.

Unfortunately, Congressman Zeldin's claims don't often reflect the facts. I would respect him more if he simply said, "I tried but failed but will try again" rather than lie about succeeding.
Thu, October 25, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterJames Olson

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