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Letter To Editor - Republicans Set To Appoint Town Board Candidate Voters Rejected


On 12/25/17, Newsday announced that Supervisor-elect Ed Wehrheim intends to fill his own vacant seat by appointing Tom Lohmann to Smithtown’s Town Council position.  It was also reported that Councilman Tom McCarthy would vote to approve this appointment. The town code guides this appointment process which is procedural, but it is not representative of Smithtown residents and voters.  It is a relatively unique situation, as Patrick Vecchio has been Supervisor since 1978. This decision does not comply of the voice of the voting community in Smithtown.  Is it possible that Mr. Wehrheim and Mr. McCarthy have already forgotten the (Nov. 2017 town council) election results?

As an alternative to filling the open Town Council position, Amy Fortunato, (recent Democratic candidate) has been recommended.  Ms. Fortunato received twice as many votes as Mr. Lohmann in last November’s general election.  It has been suggested that Fortunato is entitled to real consideration because she achieved the most votes after the Town Council incumbents. This particular quantifiable factor alone should be enough to warrant her appointment.  

Mr. Lohmann was working as an assistant special investigator for the Suffolk County District Attorney, Thomas Spota, who was forced to resign.  Spota was indicted by a Federal grand jury (10/25/17) and under investigation for witness tampering and obstruction of justice. The Newsday article reported that Lohmann would likely be replaced when District Attorney Tim Sini begins his term in office.  Sini has clearly articulated his intentions to clean up and restore credibility to the Suffolk county DA. For Ed Wehrheim to appoint anyone associated with Tom Spota would not be sensible or prudent at this time.   

Considering the recent election results in November, Lohmann received the least number of votes among the six candidates, as well as finishing last place in the Republican Primary election in September. 

In order to respect the voice of the Smithtown community and effectively represent the voters, it would be wise for Ed Wehrheim to appoint Amy Fortunato to the open Smithtown Town Council position.  In a Democracy, decisions are based on the collective voter’s choice rather than determined by the few in power.  Democracy is the “rule of the majority.”   

 Peter Hanson


Reader Comments (2)

Your ignorance and Belief in the Forever Trashy Newsday so called reporting, Peter Hanson, is exactly what assuming is. Making an Ass out of yourself. YOUR assumption that Mr. Lohmann was being replaced is based on what exactly? Newsday and their Biased, Slanted supposed reporting methods?? To imply he could be associated to Mr. Spotas wrong doing is defamation of his credibility and character! Do you know him? This letter with your name attached is questionable and is not only defamation of character but slanderous. If you paid half attention to the facts you would know that The Town is also reviewing the Resumes of potential replacements who were all in the election process. You owe an apology for your unwarranted, unsolicited criticism of Mr. Lohmann and negative assumption to his character. I'm waiting to see it!
Tue, January 9, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterAnnmarie
Is it not possible for Mr Wehrheim to issue a statement and clear up the issue of who is under consideration? Mr Hanson's letter deals with facts. Annmarie's letter is merely flame-throwing. Respectfully, Annmarie.
Wed, January 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterTim Fleming

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